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The Best Hair Do For Prom

Published at 02/23/2012 19:36:57


The number one rule for prom is to look good. Prom is known to be one of the most memorable and exciting experiences in a young lady's life. It is a day where you can dress like a princess and feel like one too. When it comes to prom, the dress is very important as well as the accessories, the date you choose to go with and of course, the hair do. When picking a hair do for prom, you want to make sure you're deciding on something unique, gorgeous and creative, so that you stand out from all the other girls attending prom.

Most Popular Prom Hair Do's

Roman Ponytail: The Roman ponytail is an all time favorite hair do for prom. The Roman pony tail is a tight and sleek pony tail coming down from the crown of the head. It has a very clean and elegant look to it but will only look good when paired with a certain type of prom dress. If you have long, thin and shiny hair, then the Roman pony tail may just be the perfect hair do for you.

Sleek Twist: The sleek twist is another great hair do for prom. The sleek twist is a little more challenging than the Roman pony tail but it gives off a sophisticated and well kept appeal. You could also ask your hairdresser to apply some shimmer spray all over your sleek twist, so that you give off the ultimate sparkle for your big night.

Silky Curls: You can never go wrong with silky curls when it comes to a prom hair do. Curls never really go out of style and if you have long glossy locks then this is a great alternative for you. If you're going for really soft curls, it's best to use a boar bristle brush and a small dab of styling wax.

Most Popular Prom Hair Do's

Chic Pouf: The chic pouf has become a very popular style for a prom hair do. Now that Snookie from the Jersey Shore has made the pouf popular, it's being recreated all over the world. You will need a pomade stick and quite a number of bobby pins to pull of this hair do.

Twisted Bun: The twisted bun is not only popular in the office place but it has also gained popularity as a style for a prom hair do. The twisted bun gives off that classy and intriguing look. For the twisted bun hair do, you'll need medium to long hair and some shine wax.

Tips and Comments

When deciding what hair do will suite you best for prom, always take into consideration what your hair stylist suggests. Hair stylist's are are trained and educated professionals so they always know which hair do will look best for your face shape and body shape. You also will want to pick a hair do that will stay in place during your extravagant evening as the more complex the hair do, the more of a chance you have of it falling apart during the events of prom.