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Evolution is very important for all as it is a means of seeing what is new and what can be achieved by changing. It has been witnessed in almost everything that we have around us. We too once were as Darwin states in his studies, apes. Like us, what we do has also evolved and that has helped us in doing things in a far better manner. Take sports for example, once played with poorly craved sticks and roughly sewn balls has now transformed into a business venture and a sporting extravaganza resulting in a complete evolution of sports. Similarly a constant change has been observed in how we cut and style our hair. With time the once simple business where a person could get his hair cut by the barber whenever they felt their hair looked messy and unattended has now evolved into an industry. As seen in technology that has transformed itself into what the consumers want, the hair industry has also started to try new methods and techniques which has given birth to artistry in hair.


Barbers have been cutting our hair for many years. They have held a very important place in the hearts of many and gained prominence in the courts of kings and queens for their expertise and mastery. Barbers are people who have the capability or are in the occupation of cutting the hair of men and shaving their beards. Women are able to get their hair done in beauty salons and beauty parlors. It is the barbers and hair specialists that have come up with new fashions and trends in hair styles and hair cutting. This has led to an increase in the demand, trade and business of hair cutting and hair artistry.


Hair Artistry is mainly popular among the celebrities and famous people. Bon Jovi has in his career gotten two different hair styles done and these have grown to be so liked and followed that the musician himself says that his hairstyle seems to be more popular than his music. Famous star from the soap ‘Friends’, Jenifer Aniston became known not just for her character in the show but also her different hairstyles copied by millions of fans all over. Artistry in hair styles is like different styles of art. Different types of hair have been the main reason for the variety of artistry in hair styles and cutting. The ‘afro’ cut, always associated with African Americans has now become a fashion trend. Many people tend to have become famous among the general public for their hairstyle. The famous Indian movie star Aamir Khan saw the hairstyle in his adaption of the Hollywood movie ‘Memento’, ‘Ghajni’ being copied by his fans all over India. Artistry in pet’s hair has also become famous with people who love their pets and want to get for them a style that best complements their breed.

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Artistry in hair is now an important business with people getting training and going to proper schools for hair design and cutting to open their own hair salon and give the best cutting to their customers. Artistry in hair has become more like a fashion statement than a need for good looking hair.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/01/2012
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