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The Top 5 Hair Styles For Men

Published at 03/01/2012 21:40:32


Fashion is not only for women; men are also very interested in this area. By fashion, we refer not only to clothes but also on hairstyles. We are going to talk about some of the most common men's hairstyles. Men’s hairstyles in 2012 focused on appearing as polished as possible, with nary a strand out of place. You'll be happy to know that men’s hairstyles in 2012 are about chilling out and keeping it easy. That means you can look forward to working with any natural waves in your hair and making fewer visits to your barber and in the same time keeping a hot and sexy look. We are going to detail classic, office-appropriate versions of the styles that will rule 2012 and then, for guys who lead a more trend-driven lifestyle. We fill you in on how you can take each style in an edgier direction. If you're looking for a brand-new style, many of today’s men’s magazines are a good place to start for new ideas.


Nowadays, there is a wide spectrum of hairstyles for men in accordance to the type of facial structure, type of hair, and also the kind of lifestyle. Among these few are such that have created a rage in the fashion industry and are attracting increasing number of men. Low-maintenance guys, romantics-at-heart, or guys who just want to look like one. The hair you’ll need: Wavy or curly hair is a must for this and very important to choose the right style for you as a man. If you wonder how to succeed that we will tell you in a few steps. Since this cut is a bit on the long side, you’ll want to use conditioner in the shower because it will help your hair not to pump up so much. To style, use a curl-defining cream or a gel but not too much, run it through your hair, twist a few pieces into curls around your forehead and let it air dry. Then comb your hair and twist again very slowly that few pieces into curls. Other tips for men hair are the Spike Cut style. This is one of the most common types of men's hairstyle that is easy to maintain and take care of. Hairs are usually short on the sides and back with spikes glued on the top. A third style could be Long Layered Cut. This style for men hair is best suited for men with square, rectangle, and oblong facial structure.


Also in the top five men hair styles are the Crew Cut and the High and Tight hairstyle. Crew Cut is a small, simple, and elegant haircut that suits best on men with oval shape face. It gives an extra impact on the personality and look. High and Tight is the most popular fashion statement in the nowadays for its naughty and crazy look. It is also known as the military cut, it is a style in which hairs are cropped off or clipped at the side and back of the head leaving enough hair on the top. No matter what you hairstyle you choose you should certainly be careful to your face shape and maybe you could consult a hairstylist.

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