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The Advantages Of Using a Hair Iron

Published at 02/28/2012 16:08:25


Hair straighteners and hair irons are life savers for some women. These little gadgets allow women to get the hair they desire in a short period of time. There are a ton of different brand name hair irons on the market, some better quality than others and some more expensive than others. However, they all still serve the same purpose, to get your hair looking silky, straight and flawless.


The hair iron was invented by Marcel Grateau in 1872, he invented heated metal rods that he realized could straighten hair. The hair iron has come such a long way since 1872 and has been used by both professional stylists and non professionals. The hair iron is used specifically for achieving silky and straight hair within minutes. The best part about it is that it requires no harmful chemicals.

Different Types of Hair Irons and Their Benefits

Besides the look after you use a hair iron, there are also several other benefits to using a hair iron. Of course, this greatly depends on the type of hair iron you use.

Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straighteners Benefits: Provides frizz free hair without heat damage to the hair. A ceramic straightener also uses ceramic ions to gently heat hair with infrared heat, instead of 'frying' hair.

Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straighteners Benefits: Helps replenish dry and damaged hair by creating negative ions to neutralize the hair for a shiny and smooth result.

Infrared Flat Iron Hair Straighteners Benefits: The infrared hair iron is best for thin and fine hair as it is the gentlest type of hair iron. The infrared flat iron penetrates the hair shaft without causing permanent damage and also helps maintain temperature consistency.

Nano Flat Iron Hair Straighteners Benefits: Nano flat hair irons is the most advanced type of hair irons out there. They provide the user with a smooth styling technique, which is infused into flat iron plates.

Tips and comments

Before using a hair iron, make sure your hair is clean and well conditioned as hair irons work better on clean hair. Using a smoothing balm or serum is also a very useful tip. Also, when using a hair iron, make sure your hair is completely dry. If you use a hair iron on wet hair, it can cause damage to the ends of your hair.


Another great tip is to use a heat protectant. There are several products out on the market that will help prevent damage to your locks. You also will want to make sure you're adjusting your hair iron to the right temperature. You do not want to put your hair iron on the highest temperature if your hair does not need it. It's best to start out with lower temperatures and work your way higher, if you're hair is not reacting to the lower temperatures. In order to keep your hair straightened and maintained, consider wrapping it up at night. For those of us who do not wash our hair every day, this tip could be very beneficial. You can wrap your hair up with either silk or satin, to help maintain your straight locks for the next day. Lastly, don't rush when using a hair iron as if you're frantic and don't allow enough time, you could very well burn yourself.