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How To Transplant Hair


Hair transplant is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery. Your own existing hair is transferred from a donor area of the scalp in a receiving area. Before examining in detail how to transplant hair we need to clarify some misunderstandings.

Step 1

T.U.F. implants versus stripes - explaining the stupidity of Hollywood. Hollywood is happy to joke about men who wear stripes implants in movies or television shows. The writers and directors that the 21st century hair transplants are virtually undetectable. The days of hair stripes (consisting of 10-50 threads) are long gone. Even if someone wants implanted stripes, would be almost impossible to persuade a doctor to implant them. Transplant hair technology is very advanced.

Step 2

Modern transplant hair surgery has made substantial progress in the last 20 years, introducing the follicular unit, sometimes called TUF (Follicular unit transplant).
The scalp hair normally grows in groups of 1, 2 or 3 wires. These groups are called follicular units, and groups of this size are transplanted to the area affected by hair loss.
Because doctors implant the smallest possible follicular unit in their natural state, the results of modern surgical hair transplants are virtually undetectable and look natural.

Step 3

Other misconceptions about transplant hair surgery:
Doctors will use someone else's hair or artificial hair. This is false because doctors use your natural hair. Hair transplantation is only for men. This statement is false because the number of women who are interested in transplant hair surgery is increasing every year. Transplant hair surgery will bring a great look, like Brad Pitt or the other celebrities. This statement is false because many men have unrealistic expectations prior to getting a hair transplant.

Step 4

Since the amount of hair that you transplant depends on the hair existing in the donor area is difficult to get hair as in adolescence. Hair transplants can bring a young appearance, with remarkable results. If we add the specific medication for hair loss like Finasteride or Dutasteride most men and women can solve hair loss, to their full satisfaction.

Step 5

The following chart will give you, in the most general terms, guidance about the steps that follow a surgical transplant hair procedure. Each doctor or clinic that performs hair transplants has its own precise method, which may differ from the explanations below.
1 - consultation;
2 - blood;
3 - anesthesia donor area and receiving area;
4 - removal from the donor strip + suture of the donor area;
5 - divide the strip into follicular units;
6 - implantation of follicular units;
7 - post-operative care.


After the consultation the doctor will ask for a simple blood test, before the he takes transplant hair. In states like Florida, for example, these tests are required by law.
When the results come from the laboratory tests, clinical transplant can proceed.

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For a hair transplant is not necessary a fully equipped operating room. In most cases, the doctor's office has a special room for the operation. If you find a good doctor you will be amazed because your hair will look beautiful

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