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The Process Of Hair Restoration

Published at 02/25/2012 17:15:33


Many men suffer at the hand of baldness, and there are options like hair restoration which can save them from the embarrassment of losing hair. While there are various methods for hair restoration, grafting is the most commonly used one. It is also popularly known as hair transplant as well and has a simple principle. Recipient sites are created, which are minor holes, following which grafts are inserted. Once this procedure is performed, it all boils down to the post operational follow up. While the type of surgery and the kind of equipment used varies, the basic principle is same.


Following many trivial approaches adopted for hair restoration, the main problem was the type of grafts to use. For this, the principle of organ transplant is followed. Those donors are accepted which have maximum compatibility with the recipient. As time has gone by, it has been established that the relocation approach towards hair restoration is the best one and most effective. In this approach, the grafts are completely natural, so there is no issue of rejection related diseases. This approach works for a lifetime as well, and came forward as a major historical development. The hairs at the back of our head are found to be genetically resistant to the phenomenon of baldness. So, if they were moved to the front of the head, the procedure would be quite accurate and efficient as well.


The Process Of Hair Restoration

The features of hair restoration include the relocation of hair, preferably from the back, to the areas where hairs are being lost. It has been found through research that there is a genetic element associated with baldness. Males tend to inherit genes for baldness directly, and also they have a single X chromosome as opposed to the XX chromosomes of the females, so there is a higher probability of baldness in males than females. The hair follicles have the property of becoming weak and thus the hair start falling. Interestingly, the hair at the back of our head is normally resistant to fall like the front hair. Now that we have established that there are resistant hair on the back of our head, another important procedure is the type of technique being used. This is where the element of natural hair restoration comes in. Normally, the problem with grafts is that it becomes prominent that hair has been transplanted since the hair has a feature of standing up. However, it depends on the doctor to do the transplant in an accurate manner. If it is done in that manner then the hair can be made to appear quite natural.

Tips and comments

The most vital thing to know about the transplantation procedure is that the selection of the transplant surgeon is most important. Different clinics adopt different approaches and one should know before hand what the procedure is going to be. As has been showed before, a natural transplant is always more preferable than any other. Another important thing is that the person receiving the plants should be aware that this is a time consuming procedure and they must be patient with the protocols.