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How To Get Sexy Hair


There are many ways that you can make your hair look and feel sexy. It depends if you want to wear your own hair, extentions or wig.  There are shampoos that can be used on a daily basis for your hair. For someone with long hair, you could cut your hair in layers, put in some highlights, depending on the color of your hair. Also getting a bang would be awesome.  Bangs are hot and makes sexy hair. Let a professional cut your bangs for you, you don't want an unprofessional look. Having a bang that is a blunt cut looks rather sexy with hair that is layered, long and wavy.  

Step 1

One can also get a side swept bang. Choose highlights that matches with your skin tone. Highlights makes a person looks younger and sexier. If you have olive skin, you basically can get away with most color-highlights. Red, black, blonde, brown. One can go for a short chic hairstyle, short sexy hair is trendy and versatile. Having a bob cut usually looks quite appealing on a much older woman, giving her a sexy classy look. 

Step 2

It doesn't have to be complicated to have a nice glamorous hair style. For the person who wants a sexy hair and choose a wig, to enhance their looks will not be disappointed . In today's world wigs have taken over and they are quite easy to wear.

Step 3

There are different types of wigs, Half wigs, lace front wigs, sexy wigs. If you truly want to look like a celebrity, then a lace front wig will do the trick. Lace Front can be sophisticated but expensive. They look more natural and flawless. Lacefront wigs can be found in various styles, short, long, medium, curly, wavy, straight, bob, with bangs. Whatever your chose is, you can get it in a lacefront wig. Some of the wigs are genuine human hair, so no one will know the difference.

Step 4

It's easy to put on the wig and you don't necessarily need a stylist. To have a sexy hair one always needs a few things always, 1. A styling brush, 2. curling Iron, 3. Flat iron, 4. blow dryer, 5. Oil sheen. It's advisable not to use heat on wigs that are synthetic, if it's human then heat can be applied with caution.

Step 5

Then there are half wigs for a sexy hair. One needs to know how to apply the half wig to make it look natural. You would need to part a small portion of your hair in the front, comb your hair over the half wig, spray some oil sheen on and now have a new look. The half wigs carry clips at the sides and back of the wig that fits securely to your own hair, so it look more natural.


Half wigs comes in one size, you can get them in various colors. If you want wigs with sexy hair highlights, blonde or black, whatever your chose of color is.

Sources and Citations

There are several magazines that has hundreds of sexy hair styles. One can check online or go to an experienced stylist.

By Charm Treleven, published at 02/24/2012
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