How To Make Fake Hair
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How To Make Fake Hair

Published at 02/24/2012 23:37:04


How To Make Fake Hair

Hair is considered the most important part of one’s looks. It not only defines the person’s personality but also his or her taste and concern about themselves. However women show more love towards their hair, which can be seen by time they give to hair make over. A recent trend among women in hair make over is putting on fake hair or extensions.

Step 1

The first step towards fake hair make over is to look over the choices available. Two main categories present in the market are Synthetic and Real human hair. Synthetic being a cheaper option wins out most women, but if you don’t want to compromise on the look and feel of the hair and money is not an issue then there is nothing like the real hair extensions. They are easy to handle and blend in more easily.

Step 2

The hair would be in the present in a strip form when you purchase it from the vendor so when doing the hair make over, you will need to adjust the width and length as per your desire or the style requirement.

Step 3

After the adjustment is made to the extension, the nest step in hair make is to glue it on a snap clip. To glue it on you will need a hot glue gun and a glue gun stick. Apply a layer of the glue on the snap clip and carefully press the hair onto it. Make sure that the clip opens towards you not away, this is important to give a perfect blend in your natural hair. If the width of the hair is more than what one snap clip can support then you can add up more clips.

Step 4

To get a better idea about how the hair make over will look like and feel, clear one side of the head and place the snap clip on your hair. This will not only help to make the adjustments with the snap clips, but also to evaluate how much length you would like to keep and give you a better image of what your hair make over will look like.

Step 5

Put a mark on the extension as to the length you desire to keep or as per the hair make over plan. Cut the hair up to the mark you placed, but before you cut, it’s advisable that you take the snap clip off the head to avoid cutting your own hair. This also makes it easier and a more perfect cutting. Finally put the snap clip back onto the head in the place. And your hair make over is done.


How To Make Fake Hair

While doing a hair make at home do remember to be careful with the hot glue gun and especially let the glue dry before putting on the snap clip in your head. Start experimenting with synthetic extensions as they are cheaper and easily replaceable which makes it easier to try different styles more often. Hair make is a bit costly at saloons, but you can easily do it by yourself at home.

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