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What Your Need To Know About Hair Replacement

Published at 02/26/2012 01:03:32


What cases indicates a replacement hair program?

In principle, the hair transplant is indicated in cases where hair is missing in an area where its presence is considered normal, provided that the hair cannot reappear in the area naturally or through treatment. The clear example of this is androgenic alopecia (common baldness).

What is the age profile for a replacement hair program?

Until recently, it was about 40 years, but increasingly more transplanted elderly number of visits have been seen, which ranges from over 80 years of age. Teenagers are also sometimes subjected to replacement hair programs.

Is Transplantation definitive?

The life of the replacement hair will be, as long as it had been in the place of origin from where the hair was grown initially. Normally, the transplanted hair is removed from the cervico-occipital region or temporal area.

What are the known techniques and indications of replacement hair?

To date the evolution of transplant has led us to resolve most replacement hair programs using 2 different techniques. The technique called strip and FUE call. The difference between them is how to remove hair from the donor site, the way of replacement hair on the form, which will be receiving the same way along with the virtuosity in the way of implementing it will also be the same for both techniques.

Area is closed by a suture removal and leaves a scar almost negligible, and a millimeter thick that with appropriate surgical technique (technical trichophytic), turns out to be virtually nil.

For the FUE, shaved cervico-occipital area and time, hence the follicular units are extracted one by one, using a punch with diameters ranging from 0.7 to 1 mm, and allowed to repair the extraction area second intention (no suture), the second technique, popularly known as scar less technique. It is ideal for people, who wear their hair shaved.

The advantage of the technique of the strip over the FUE is that the replacement hair is performed in a much shorter time than required for the FUE, and that the mechanism of obtaining donor site gives us a volume FUs to implement three times higher than the FUE.

What is the approximate price of a replacement hair program?

Prices vary on the type of hair replacement procdure you need.  The best advice is to call a hair replacement office and ask for a price quote.   

How are the results?

The results of replacement hair programs are now outstanding. Far behind, was the hair transplant called wrist, although it is clear that the design professional with extensive experience and create a hairline more natural and subtle than someone with less experience. Remind once more that the implementation form of the hair will be equal for both the technique of the strip to the FUE.


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