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How To Do Hair in a Salon


To do hair in a salon, you must be trained as a cosmetologist. A cosmetologist is someone who has gone to and graduated school for hair. Millions of people every day go to get their hair cut and styled. If you have a passion for hair, this is a great career to get started in because hair stylists are always in high demand. Many cosmetology school graduates start working in salons during their schooling, sometimes as shampooers or just sweeping the floors. This is how most people get their start at hair salons. These steps will help you in your dream to do hair in a salon.

Step 1

Apply to cosmetology school. There are trade schools and specialty schools for hair all over the country. One of the most well known and popular cosmetology schools is the Aveda Institute. Aveda enrolls thousands of students each year at all of their school locations. You can see if there is a school near you by logging on to their website and selecting your state or region. You can then request more information from the school to find out how to apply, the tuition rates, curriculum, and lots more about the school. There are plenty of other cosmetology schools out there that will get you started on your way to do hair in a salon.

Step 2

Now that you've applied to cosmetology school to do hair in a salon, you must attend school and graduate. Typically, cosmetology school lasts for about two years, but can be more or less depending on the class schedule that you decide to go with. Schools are usually able to work with you to get you on the best schedule that meets your goals and needs. During school, you will learn the basics of hair cutting for men, women, children, and all different ethnicities. Once the basics are learned, you will move on to advanced cuts, styling, perms, coloring, and more. There is always something new to learn in the hair industry. You never know what your client is going to want.

Step 3

Apply to do hair in a salon or just work as a helper in a salon while you are in school. Many salons hire part time workers to assist with shampooing clients and sweeping up hair. This is a great way to get your start in a salon. Once you complete school, there salon may even be interested in hiring you as a stylist if you have proved to be a good employee.

Step 4

Once schol is complete, you can do hair in a salon legally. Start applying at salons in your area and ask around to see if anyone is hiring. There are usually several different salons in every town. Some may be walk-in hair salons, while others may be appointment based only for their clients. Decide where you'd like to do hair and get your foot in the door with applications.

Step 5

The best way to do hair in a salon is to already have a client base. Salons will be more apt to hire you if they know that you already have clients that you will bring into the salon. It can take some time to build your client base from scratch, so see if friends and family would be interested in getting their hair cut from you. Then have them recommend you to others.


Don't give up on your dream to do hair in a salon. Learn all the skills that you will need and keep practicing to get hair cuts and styles down perfectly.

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By Colleen Ross, published at 02/29/2012
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