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The Advantages Of Hair Transplants

Published at 02/29/2012 21:35:31


A surgical procedure that transplants hair on to a balding person's head has numerous advantages. Baldness is not referred to as a disease but its ramifications affect the social lives of many men. While not always the case, bald men are more prone to social deviance than normal person. With the option of hair transplantation, men can feel more confident and regularize their social lives. Many people had questions pertaining to difficulties and side effects that can arise due to this procedure. However, recent advancement in technologies and surgeries like auto grafting has removed these doubts.

The history of procedure that transplants hair dates back to 1930s. It was when the structure of hair follicles had been uncovered in details. Surgeons could place grafts of follicle units on bald people's head. This procedure was very crude, but developed after the Second World War. This was when the concept of "plugs" was conceived and applied across the globe in the form of a therapy that transplants hair from willing donors. The development of tools like stereo microscope assisted in the exactness of the procedure. Back then, a skin surgeon was the only person that transplants hair. However with time dermatologists and other specialists have taken their place.

A protocol which transplants hair has improved with time. With increasing technology and in depth genetic analysis of the phenomenon of baldness, scientists have worked out effective ways. Previously people had the notion that the procedure was not safe or there was an issue of rejection. This problem has been solved with the usage of auto graft. The principle of auto graft is pretty simple. Scientists have studied the hair follicles and come to the conclusion those hairs that are present on the back of our head usually never fall off.

The reason behind this phenomenon is that these hairs have a resistance against the pattern baldness or hair fall routinely seen in males. So, they have devised a clever setup that transplants hair from the person's own head to the front. This is a medically safe procedure and the results have been pretty good all across the globe. The main achievement with this form of hair transplant is that there is no issue of rejection or allergic reactions which was seen in previous cases. These grafts are accepted well by the body and lost long as well. So, the feature of rejection and repeated transplants has been overcome with the help of auto grafts. These are efficient and provide the best possible result.


Hair transplantation has been made successful with the help of genetic knowledge of hair. However, one should pursue the surgery with only qualified people. Since the skin of the hair is cut and it's a form of a minor surgery, one should be aware of issues. The performing doctor or specialist should use aseptic conditions while performing the procedure so that your skin is not exposed to any pathogenic organism. Another thing is that one should opt for auto graft, now that the option is available. It provides the best possible result and there are no rejection issues.