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5 Tips For a Hair Style Of Flower Girls

Published at 03/02/2012 05:33:00


The position of flower girl gives even the youngest members of the bridal party room to shine. Determining the best hairstyle for girls is more complicated the younger they are. Although you want a special look for a special day, avoid going overboard and causing more complications than are necessary.

Step 1

Keep it simple. When planning a hairstyle for girls, select those that don't require hours of preparation. Young children don't do well sitting still for a long period of time in a salon chair. Simple hairstyles that take minimal time ensures your flower girl won't be fidgety and overly energetic during the wedding. Small girls also touch their hair often, so you don't want something so complicated that she may accidentally mess it up beyond your ability to fix it at the last minute.

Step 2

Include the flower girl in the salon trip with the bridesmaids. Although she won't want to sit still for an involved hairstyle for girls, she will enjoy feeling like one of the big girls for a short time. The hairdresser can style her hair simply and quickly, while still giving her the salon experience. Bring a bit of bribery, such as a piece of candy, especially for younger flower girls. She is more likely to sit still for the hair styling with a bit of distraction.

Step 3

Consider and upswept hair do for girls. Pulling her hair back into a simple bun or ponytail minimizes the chances of it becoming mussed or dirty before the ceremony. Braids are another option, but avoid those that are tight and uncomfortable. Also avoid upsweeps and braids that are highly complicated when choosing hairstyles for girls. These can be impossible to fix in the last minutes before she walks down the aisle if her hair does become messed up.

Step 4

Flowers add a special touch to hair for girls, so head wreaths of blooms are a common accessory. Make sure the flower ring is sized appropriately before the wedding day. If the flower girl has thin hair, experiment with hair clips and bobby pins until you find a type that hold the wreath securely and comfortably in place. Overly large wreaths will slide down her head. This not only messes up her hair, it makes it hard for her to see as she walks down the aisle on the big day.

Step 5

Bring a comb and a light hold hairspray with you to the wedding so you can touch up her hair before the event. A quick comb through and spritz of spray to tame any frizzies does wonders for improving the look of hair for girls. Make last minute touch-ups a few minutes before she heads down the aisle so her hair doesn't get mussed again.


Practice the hairstyle for girls once or twice before the event if you are doing it yourself, that way you know you can do it quickly on the wedding day. Many salons may want to do some makeup in addition to the hair for the girl. Only allow them to add lip gloss and a bit of blush. You don't want her looking overly made up, plus if there are any tears before hand you will have a mess of running makeup to remove from her face.