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Many people do not know how to fix their hair. They visit the hairstylist or have a friend help them with the areas on the head that are out of reach. It is often said by a woman that if they could remove their heads, they would, then know how to fix their hair. The use of hair rollers can be used to give hair lots of body and volume with an abundance of waves or curls. You have the option of long and loose barrel curls or tight compact curls depending on the length of your hair.

Most hair rollers have small teeth that grip onto the hair as it locks into place. Foam curlers were used in the 1940s and 50s and were held securely with a small bobby pin, although they didn't hold a curl too long without using heavy-duty hair spray. Hot rollers are a contemporary way to lock hair in place without leaving the rollers in for hours. They heat up in less than two minutes and will style your hair within 10 to 20 minutes. Small hair rollers are for making tighter curls and are perfect for shorter hair or layered hair. Larger hair curlers are for those who have very thick hair or want loose waves.

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As mentioned, the sizes of hair rollers are what create different hairstyles. A popular modern style is loose waves. Large rollers will need to be held in place for about 10 minutes. After taking them out, the hair should be brushed lightly in order to loosen the curl up a bit. Another style is loose barrel curls, which gives a Victorian feel. These curls might unravel fairly quickly, so it's best to spray them heavily with flexible hair spray. Finally, tight knitted curls for up dos or short hair are easy to style after rolling the hair curler out of your hair. How to brush hair? Try not to brush the curls out and use mousse or hair spray to keep the curls and wave of your hair.

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There are many affordable hair rollers in large cases or travel packs on the market. Almost all the products are hot rollers with new technology that will heat up in less than 10 seconds. Another type of roller is the ionic and titanium hair rollers that leave your hair looking shiny and healthy after use. Ceramic hair rollers are simple to leave in your hair since they use butterfly clips rather than pins that might slip out of fine hair.

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There are many variations of styles for plaits. Many people know how to braid other people's hair, but not their own hair. The braiding styles can be the look of one big braid going down the back of the head to several bigger than normal braids. They can be worn pinned up into an up do or pulled to the back of the head. A plait's hair braiding style may use purchased synthetic weave that is braided into normal hair.

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French braids are one of the oldest hair braiding styles. This braiding style can be achieved using synthetic hair weaves or your own hair. The braids are small and hair accessories are usually attached to the bottom of the braid to hold them in place. French braids are not as popular as they use to be, but this hair braiding style is still being used, especially on children. Many specialists who know how to hair braid, can be found on Caribbean beaches, in small hair braiding booths.


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Microbraids are one of the latest and most versatile hair braiding options. Microbraids are extremely small braids using human hair that gets braided into your hair. This can be a time-consuming process taking from a few hours to over a day depending on how small the braids are. Microbraids are also the most expensive of the hair braiding styles, but they last the longest. Special training is needed to learn how to micro braid hair.


Do not brush out curls by overbrushing the hair. Wear the most comfortable hairstyles.


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