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Benefits Of a Mini Travel Hair Dryer


The mini travel hair dryer should be a top priority in your list of things to carry on a vacation. Traveling is an excellent hobby. It feeds the mind with interesting bits of information and contributes to enriching an individual’s personality. However, traveling can take its toll on the body. Traveling can cause exertion. When one travels, the body clock is often adversely affected due to jet lag and the like. Travelers often tend to neglect their health. They say that they do not have time for grooming and exercise as they are constantly on the move. Indeed, travelers look a bit like gypsies with their old, withered clothes and sun tanned skins. However, it is not all that difficult to take care of oneself while traveling. Little things can help one to maintain one’s appearance and health. A mini travel hair dryer is one such example.


Often, traveling (or vacation) involves taking dips in water as this is a great way to cool down. But frequent exposure to heat and direct sunlight may not always be beneficial to your hair. Extreme temperatures may cause your hair to become weak – thus conditioning your hair is vital. Also, hair tends to get very dirty during travel. This is because of the fact that you spend quite a lot of time outdoors. Dust and dirt accumulates in the hair. The only way to prevent this is to wash your hair and condition it. It is impractical to wait for hair to dry out after it has been washed. This is where a mini travel hair dryer comes in very handy.


A mini travel hair dryer is compact. It fits in anywhere in your luggage. It is not one of those old fashioned hair driers which are more than two feet in length and make noises that are comparable to the engine of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet. A mini travel hair dryer is small enough to be accommodated in the side pockets of your bag or rucksack.

A mini travel hair dryer is also quite light. It hardly weighs a kilogram. Travelers are quite critical about the amount of weight that they carry. In this regard, the mini travel hair dryer will be among the lightest things in your bag. Also, a mini travel hair dryer is ridiculously cheap. You would have to be exceptionally stingy not to want one as the average exemplar costs less than fifty American dollars. Some models are even foldable so they will require even lesser space in your bag.

Tips and comments

A mini travel hair dryer can actually help you to keep your hair in prime condition. Whenever, you use a mini travel hair dryer (or any other hair dryer, for that matter); the heat from the hair dryer opens up the cuticles of your hair. You can then apply conditioner onto your hair. The fact that the cuticles are open will help your hair to absorb the goodness of the conditioner. When practiced in moderation, this method revitalizes your hair and gives it a wonder sheen. Just because you are traveling does not mean that you should not look good. A mini travel hair dryer will let you dry your hair and make it look bouncy and voluminous.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/03/2012
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Benefits Of a Mini Travel Hair Dryer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.