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How To Color Hair

Published at 03/06/2012 00:43:20


Among the animal kingdom there is a group called mammals that possess hair as a classical feature and is found to be distributed unevenly on different part s of the body. The human hair is known to be a biomaterial that is characterized by the act of growing at the root of the follicle. This hair is typically known to grow as a filamentous matter that extends from the root upwards. Points of how to artificially modify hair color is found in different formulations as people are continually finding the need to modify their hair color.

Step 1

The issue of providing an artificial material on how to improve the color of hair or to adjust its tone or complete changing of the appearance of hair has found increased interest of late. Originally, hair is meant to be deriving its color from genetic guidelines in an individual that means one has so little to do about the choice to make on how to color of his or her hair.

Step 2

Hair color is occurs as a result of a natural pigment called melanin that is found to be embedded within the keratin material that forms the better part of hair component. This melanin is also charged with the role of providing protection to the body’s inner organs from harmful radiation which the hair also contributes in insulating and shielding the body from harmful climatic adjustments. There are several ways on how to improve hair when there is reason by commercial dyes that come in varied colors.

Step 3

Human hair is not the same across all the inhabitants of the world just like the skin color. This is directly linked to the fact that the pigmentation matter which is melanin derivative of either eumelanin or phoemelanin is cutting across the duty or giving hair and the skin its color. Color of hair that can be different among continentals can influence how to change its color, for example in the continent of Asia there is a given hair type and Africa also has its own kind with rare variations owing to differences in genetically associated reasons and how to change them may be different.

Step 4

Giving hair its artificial color that suits the bearer of the said hair is considered a normal process in today’s age and time. This applies mostly to hair covering the skull, beards and facial one though it is interesting to find some activity of color modifications at the other regions of the body by some people. Other than genetics, other environmental factors can also be associated with how to change hair color like long exposure to the suns radiation which has rays with different frequencies that may fade away color or discolor the natural hair color.

Step 5

The two kinds of pre cursors of hair color, phoemelanin is associated with red hair pigmentation and eumelanin is the one with the majority and is associated with black and brown hair color. All the categories of hair color as blond, grey, chestnut, brown, red white or auburn is all derivative of the natural hair color factor. The issue of fashion has brought about coloring hair and how to do this lies with an individual’s choice. One can choose from virtually any color of dye to use.


Coloring hair is a service mostly done at beauty spa and salons and they apply artificial color by hairdressing technique that leaves the person whose hair is being worked on with a change of color.

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