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How To Remove Dog Hair From Furniture

Published at 03/16/2012 23:07:42


As much as we love our pets it is difficult to remove pet hair from furniture. Each spring we can expect dogs and cats to begin shedding when the warmer weather comes into play. The oils and nature of dog hair have a tendency to stick to fabrics, upholstery and carpeting too. Since shedding is a natural occurrence, the most you can hope to do is brush your pets a lot and figure out a couple of easy methods to remove dog hair from furniture. Lets take a look at a few common household items and vacuums that you may already have in the house.







Step 1

For smaller amounts of dog hair, you can try an ordinary lint remover roller. These are the same type of lint rollers that people use to remove lint and hair from clothing. They are inexpensive and work quickly and easily. The roller consists of a strip of very sticky paper. You simply remove the plastic cover and hold the roller by the handle and roll it over the surface of the furniture. When the sticky paper is covered in pet hair and no longer picking up additional hair, you tear off the paper and discard it to reveal the next clean portion of paper.

Step 2

The cheapest way to remove dog hair from furniture is to use and old rag or face cloth. Look for rags that are made out of a rough or textured fabric for best results. Cut the fabric with scissors to a comfortable size that fits in your hand and soak the fabric in water. Wring out most of the water so the rag is damp. Vigorously rub the rag over each chair or sofa to remove dog hair. When the rag is full of hair, rinse the hair off under tap water and repeat the process. Using a rag to remove dog hair works particularly well after previously vacuuming the furniture piece.

Step 3

Vacuum each piece of furniture using vacuum attachments. Most vacuums include attachments when you purchase them or they can be purchased separately. The best way to tackle a chair or any upholstered furniture is to use a brush attachment. Thoroughly vacuum each piece of furniture and clean out the brush when it becomes full. This is a very effective way for removing dog hair, but it is labor intensive.

Step 4

Buy a set of cheap rubber gloves used for cleaning. Put on the rubber gloves and simply wipe down the furniture with your hand. The dog hair will roll off the fabric in big wads as the rubber forces it off the fabric. This method works well to remove the majority of hair, but still requires a second method such as a lint brush or wet rag to get the last bits of hair up.

Step 5

Consider purchasing a small and powerful hand vacuum if you have allergies to pet hair or dog hair is an ongoing problem throughout the year. There are several different models available in department stores, discount stores and websites. It may be worth the small investment to remove dog hair quickly and efficiently.


Grooming your dog regularly is the best preventive measure for keeping dog hair off the furniture, floors and carpeting. A thorough bath each spring helps to loosen the hair just as they begin to shed and a good brushing outdoors will get most of the remaining hair.