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Why Some Men Prefer Light Colored Hair

Published at 03/07/2012 01:43:20


The topic of what men find attractive in a woman is very subjective. However, it is quite a well-known fact that some men prefer blondes. Light hair or blond hair seems to be irresistible to some men. The reason for this is unknown. Maybe it is because of the fact that blondes are rare. Most women in the world are not blonde. They are either brunettes or redheads. This automatically increases the exclusivity factor of light hair and makes blondes more desirable to some men.


Some sources state that Italian women used to color their hair blonde even in the 15th century. This proves that the obsession with light hair is not a passing trend but a cultural phenomenon. The fascination may be in part due to the fact that blond women are assumed to have more glamour and charisma. The light hair shimmering in the sun is definitely a feast for the eyes. The media has also played a major role in popularizing light hair. Blondes are often depicted as sex sirens and bombshells. This has perhaps caused some men to prefer a light hair color in women.


Another general conception is that blondes have more interesting lives than others. The popular quote "blondes have more fun" is testimony to this fact. While the preference for blondes may not be politically correct, still it does exist in some men. Preference for light hair cannot be based upon principles. Preference is the result of liking and liking is a cultural and psychological phenomenon.

Tips and comments

So what to make of this whole obsession with light hair? Should you die your hair blonde? Should you stick to your natural hair color? Will light hair look good on you? Well, the answer to all these questions is within yourself. It is up to you to decide whether you want to color your hair light. Not all men prefer light hair, only some do. Would you want to date a man whose parameter of a woman's beauty is only her hair color?

That statement might have been a bit hardcore but you might need to do some soul searching to answer the questions mentioned above. Perhaps, the best way to go about things would be die your hair light and become a blonde for a few days. At least you will get a chance to surprise your friends. You will also get firsthand experience at how does it actually feel to be a blonde. Maybe you will like it, maybe you will not. Anyway, the change will not be permanent. Understand that coloring your hair light does not change who you are. It might change people's perception of who you are but even this perception would be illogical.