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How To Remove Back Hair


Back hair is a major problem for men than women especially when they trap heat and cause body odours. But thankfully there are now easy ways to get rid of hair back.

Step 1

Shaving is one of the cheapest though time consuming ways to get rid for hair back although they grow back only after a day of two. It is more effective if shaving hair back is done during or after a shower by people whose skin are not sensitive as it reduces chances of ingrown hair that leads to itching and irritation. Always use a sharp blade and either shaving cream or gel to make it easier and safe. Run the razor blade up the back against the grain of hair in smooth long strokes then later in criss-cross manner in multiple directions to make sure all the hairs are shaved. If unable to reach the upper back when having hair back a friend or family member can help.

Step 2

For those who want a longer-lasting solution for hair back might consider waxing although it costs more and can be every painful. This process of hair back removal involves the application of hot wax on the back. When the wax sets up a cloth strip is placed over it and smoothed then pulled off along with both the wax and hair. Not only is this process of hair back removal effective, sometimes it helps hair grow back thinner and softer after each waxing session. It is however not recommended for those with very sensitive skin as it can be very painful and uncomfortable. A friend can help do the waxing or a simple visit to the nearest salon will get you the service at an affordable fee.

Step 3

Alternatively one can decide to use cream depilatories to remove hair back which work by dissolving the protein portion of the hair so that if falls out after five or ten minutes. They are especially ideal for people who suffer frequently from ingrown hair that irritates the skin. However those with back acne should not use this method of hair back removal as it worsens or cause break outs to people with acne.

Step 4

There are two permanent methods of hair back removal namely electrolysis and laser treatments.

Step 5

Electrolysis involves the insertion of a tiny needle into the hair follicle then an electrical charge is sent to the tip of the needle causing the hair to fall out. The electrical current penetrates all the way to the hair root destroying it to prevent any hair regrowth.

This procedure is not only expensive but may require multiple follow ups to complete the hair back removal permanently.

The Laser procedure is also a permanent way to remove hair back by disabling the hair follicle. Laser therapy for hair removal involves a high powered beam of light being sent into the skin to destroy hair follicles causing the hair to fall out. Sometimes hair back may grow back following the laser therapy which means one will have to do some follow-up visits.

By Raphael Raphael, published at 03/06/2012
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