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What You Need To Know About Hair Loss And Your Health


Hair loss is a dreaded problem faced by many people. Hair loss resulting in male and female baldness is predominantly due to genetic factors and is induced by DHT hormone. DHT tampers with hair growth and regeneration. It slowly initiates follicular miniaturization while simultaneously reducing the Anagen phase (growth phase) of hair. This leads to hair loss and thinning until majority of hair follicles become dormant. But all hair loss is not due to pattern baldness. Only 50 % of hair loss problems in people are caused by pattern baldness. Other causes of hair loss include pollution, chemicals, medication, illness etc.


Early research in hair loss showed that people have 4 in 7 chance of receiving genes which causes baldness. But the onset and path of hair loss varied from population to population. Today due to advancement in technology through tests conduct on people help us find whether the person fall in the higher risk category or not. Thereafter hormone suppressing medicines are prescribed to slow down the balding process. Research also linked hair loss and other hair related problems being caused by external parameters. Stress, pollution, harmful chemicals and hair styling products have all been linked to hair loss. A topic seldom discussed in media is the relationship between hair loss and your health. Research shows direct relation between a person’s health and the health of the hair. This is due to obvious reasons that only a healthy individual will have proper blood circulation and nutrients to induce hair growth. 


Doctors agree that exercises which improve overall wellbeing and good health of the individual will have good effect on hair growth. Poor nutrition and improper dietary habits lead to hair loss. When not enough nutrients reach the hair follicles hair does not grow properly. Also hair loss and other hair problems can be an indication of undiagnosed health issues. It has been shown that exercises like steady state cardio that improve blood circulation also help in hair growth. This is due to the fact that it can lead to increased blood flow to scalp and hair follicles. Improvement in blood flow can also increase the overall nutrients delivered to the hair follicles. Certain medications for illness also cause hair loss due to disruption in hair lifecycle. Conditions like Hypothyroidism have also shown to have significant negative effect on ones hair growth. Improving overall health is hence the best way to reduce hair loss. 

Tips and comments

Many people make the mistake of taking over the counter drugs and medications for hair loss and hair problems. They also spend hundreds of dollars each year on new products without any success. But they never try to find the root cause of their hair fall. This is like shooting arrows in the dark. To truly prevent, stop and reverse the effects of hair loss, understanding the root cause is very important. A Trichologist is easily accessible and will help you in determining the true cause of your hair loss. They easily differentiate between hair loss due to pattern baldness and other health related hair loss. Once you know the real cause of hair loss treating it will become very easy.  

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/07/2012
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What You Need To Know About Hair Loss And Your Health. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.