How Hair Grows
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How Hair Grows

Published at 03/13/2012 15:15:07


How Hair Grows

Natural Beauty is the most appreciable asset in a human being. When the word natural is attached to it, then there are many things to consider. First is the fact that not everything is natural in your body. You enhance your beauty with products available in the market. This is where your hair comes in picture. When you ask how hair grows faster and in a natural way, then there are many steps to follow to get those long and beautiful hairs.

You need to understand that this cannot happen overnight. To solve the mystery of how hair grows long, you need to have patience, up to a certain extent. Natural ways are the best ways to grow your hair beautifully. When your hair is healthy, there are 90% chances for them to grow long and strong. Some of the most important steps to consider are:

few steps

Step – 1: Review your hair and understand how hair patterns are getting laid on your scalp. It differs from person to person. Many would just require trimming their hair to avoid split ends and breakage. Go to your nearest beauty parlor for best results.

Step – 2: Changing your shampoo and conditioner, with a natural or herbal one is a better way to answer your question of how hair grows naturally. 60% people believe that using the same shampoo and conditioner is good for their hair. The fact is just the opposite of this. Changing your products for good after sometime will make your scalp get adjustable to different notions. Shampoos and conditioners hold vital importance in natural ways.

additional steps

Step – 3: Your body is connected to your hair growth, likewise eating a healthy and balanced diet will let you know how hair gets affected in positive and natural way. Drinking water is suggested in almost every case. This helps in detoxifying your body. Unprocessed food is a mandatory inclusion. This is a slow process and takes around six months to show its effects. Nothing can go wrong in maintaining a proper healthy diet. Include meat, eggs, nuts, beans, fish, and soy protein food in your diet. Along with that, add iron and zinc contained food in your diet as well. You will yourself see how hair is growing in a natural and convenient mannerism, which is a relief for many people.

Step – 4: Massage your hair regularly. You will be surprised to know how hair gets affected with this act. 5 minutes of massage is enough for everyday. Include folic acid products to apply on hair. Along with that, include soy oil and coconut oil.


Add important supplementary food in your diet to see how hair grows long. Though, it is not as much as a natural step, but you can make it natural based on your ways. Vitamin B12 is the key ingredient that makes you feel how hair damages are getting repaired instantly. Along with that, include Vitamin C and calcium.

Following were some of the most easiest and natural ways to grow hair. One simple thing to remember in all steps is to stay away from chemicals. Stay happy and get those long and healthy hairs which makes you look and feel beautiful.