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The Advantages Of Permanent Hair Removal

Published at 03/15/2012 14:11:49


Since the fashion of minimal bathing suits or mini skirts has replaced those conservative large clothes from the First and Second World War, the industry of permanent hair removal has increased significantly.


There are two methods of getting rid once and for all of the undesired hair on the human body: laser hair removal and Electrology. The difference between these two consists of the technology used, so while the first method removes the hair through a light focused on a hairy, the latter one works with current waves of very small intensity applied at the root at each hair follicle. If you are not sure that a permanent hair removal is the best way to end up the nightmare of shaving every two days or to end up the pinches of the epilator, consider the next advantages and make up your mind.
Firstly, none of these methods is more painful than the epilator or the wax. Moreover, none of these procedures are harmful or dangerous as long as are performed by specialists in appropriate places.
Secondly, you no longer have to expose your skin to the sharp blade of the shaving device. Consequently, the risk of becoming infected from these cuts is eliminated. Also, the scars left by the hot wax applied on the skin will become history.
Thirdly, you can wear whenever you want a skirt or shorts because you no longer have to check the growth stage or your hair on the legs or other parts of the body. Also you can enjoy whatever you do because you don’t have to worry about not being shaved properly. You can forget about the days after shaving or waxing when your skin was invaded by red bumps or other types of irritation. Moreover, the unaesthetic and sometimes painful ingrown hairs caused by an improper hair removal will no longer affect the beauty of your skin.


Permanent hair removal is also recommended for the ones with a lot of hair on the entire body. This will reduce the body odor caused by the bacteria retained by the thick hairs.
If you consider these methods a little bit expensive, think of the benefits for the long term. The purchasing costs of the numerous shaving devices, epilators, waxes, shaving creams or gels will surely exceed the cost of one of these two permanent hair removal methods. A laser hair removal costs around 500 $ to 1000 $, depending on how many sessions do you need and depending on the size of the area that you want to treat. If you do some calculations you will see that all these money will be amortized within a few years.
Besides saving some of your money you can also save your time. You no longer have to go to the beauty salon two times a month or you no longer have to reduce the bathing time for removing the undesired hairs.

Tips and comments

All these said, permanent hair removal is the most convenient, efficient, cost-effective and time saving solution for the undesired hair on the body.