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How To Find the Best Brushes For Your Hair


Hair no doubt forms the most important part of our body, infact our hair style, its color and the way it is styled sends a lot of information to the people around us. It depicts our fashion sense, our tidiness and adds an overall charm to one’s personality, it must be pertinent to say here that ‘first impression is indeed the last impression’ and a person’s hair brushes play a vital role in radiating positive images of him. Styling hair is not that easy these days and choosing the right hair brushes is equally challenging. If we go to shopping mart we will come across uncountable types of hair brushes, with high variability in prices, thus, we normally pick the one which is cheap and which looks somewhat funky to our eyes, ignoring an important fact that what actually we want and what type of hair style we are looking for.

Step 1

Deciding what type of hair brush you want basically depends upon two factors. Firstly, the bristles and secondly, the type of style you want. Since, the type of hair brushes you use for your hair makes all the difference, in the following paragraphs there are simple steps in deciding what type of brush is best suited for your hair.

Step 2

Boar bristles are normally used for soft hair. Boars are normally made from actual hair of boar and these days they are mixed with nylon to provide some strength to the bristle itself in order to avoid any breakage of the bristles while brushing. These hair brushes have bristles that slide through the hair without causing any tension in your hairs and without any hindrance.

Step 3

Nylon bristles are quite common on hair brushes these days. They provide excellent grip while brushing. Griping depends upon the bristles spacing and their pattern on the brush. The closer the bristles are, the better grip they tend to provide.

Step 4

Porcupine bristles are a combination of both boar and nylon. Basically, the word Porcupine here means clustered together. They are best for thick and coarse hair and perfect to brush your hair from your scalp to the end of hair your tips.

Step 5

Metal bristles are only used on wigs and hair pieces. They are not considered safe for using on your scalp or brushing in hair because the metal bristle can break your hair easily and can cause minor injury to the scalp too.

Step 6

Different types of brushes are used for different styling purposes. The broad categories of brushes are: Round hair brush. If you want to straighten up curly hairs and get a real sleek finish then probably this is the best brush for you. These brushes easily provide the straight look you desire even if you have bouncy curls. Paddle brushes are ideal if you have long hair. They have well spaced long bristles and flat base providing a firm grip for long hair thereby helping in drying and achieving a straighter look.

Step 7

Vented brushes are ideal for quick drying of hair. The hollow vented centers allow the air to flow through them while brushing. This helps significantly reducing the drying time for your hair. If you don’t have any hair products with you and you need a good style in a nick of time, then don’t worry, ionic hair brushes do your hair like you want. Basically these brushes are charged with positive and negative ions and when you brush your hair, they give you the style you want.


After following these steps, next time you go to buy hair brush you wont be overwhelmed by the innumerable number of hair brushes. You will know exactly that what kind of hair brushes you are actually looking for. Beside choosing the type of hair brush things like using a hair dryer and anti humidity spray also helps in styling. Anti humidity sprays helps to avoid your hair getting over dry by using hair dryer and they aid in getting curly and wavy hairs.

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