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How To Put a Clip in Your Hair

Published at 03/15/2012 20:29:11


It is a known fact, that most women spend a great deal of effort and time fixing and styling their hair. Many women fancy having long, soft hair and according to some independent research, men also see long-haired women more attractive than short-haired women. For women who want to have a long hair or just wants to enhance their short hair by adding volume, hair clip in extensions are one of the best solutions.

To most people, styling the hair is another form of expressing oneself. Hair clip in extension pieces can help you to alternate different hairstyles as often as you want without damaging the hair. Hair clip in extensions comes in very handy when you wish to enhance or update your current look. Attaching these hair pieces can be done virtually anywhere, is relatively very easy to do and requires very little amount of time. Putting on these hair extensions can be a little bit tricky on your first try, but with a little practice, you will soon get the hang of it. You can learn how to put on clip-in hair extensions to obtain that gorgeous, natural-looking hair through these steps:

Step 1

Prepare your entire hair clip in extension wefts that you’ll be using. Wefts are the detachable pieces of clip in hair extensions that varies in sizes, texture and length. They come with a set of clips on the top. Just lay out these wefts prior to starting so that you can easily distinguish and organize them according to their sizes.

Step 2

Pull back your hair as if in a low-lying ponytail and separate a small section of your hair from the bottom. This section must cover from one side to the other, and must be roughly ½ inch thick. Wind the rest of the hair on top of the head and fasten them with a clip.

Step 3

Clip the smaller hair clip in extension wefts with one or two clips securely in its place at the back of your head across the hair. Glide each clip down the hair so the top of the clip settles against the part between upper sectioned hair on top and the bottom layer of hair. Close the clips and secure them firmly into the hair. Take down a few more hair enough to scarcely shield the first hair extension wefts underneath it. Clip the second set of wefts into its place. Choose a weft that best suits this particular section of hair, without moving beyond the ears. Clipping an excessively long weft may leave gaps between the clips and will surely create irregular bumps to your hair style.

Step 4

Continue to work on this pattern, taking turns between hair sections and hair clip in extension wefts until you climb the topmost part of your head. It’s easier to loosen up your hair for the last extensions and secure them into place using your fingers so you would know there will be a sufficient amount of hair left on top to cover topmost portions of the wefts.

Step 5

Step 5

Take a feel and view the back of your head using a mirror to check if all of your hair clip in hair extensions are placed perfectly and not protrude. You can now, style your hair as you wish.