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How To Use Hair Clippers

Published at 03/15/2012 19:12:58


One of the easiest and economical ways of cutting your hair is with hair clippers. You can easily use the device in the premises of your house. If you are on a tight budget, and you want to save in on some cash, then you should invest in buying hair clippers. A hair clipper is quite easy to use and get accustomed to. It comes along with a number of accessories for you to use, some guards to protect you and ensuring you can cut your hair to a maximum desired length. But if you do not know what you are doing with it, and how to operate it in an appropriate manner, then you might end up hurting yourself rather than doing you some good. To ensure safe use of hair clippers, and getting the most out of this hair cutting experience of yours, you can do a number of things beforehand.

Step 1

It is very important to clean the blades before you start off. Any stray hairs that might still be in the device could be interference while using the hair clippers. With a brush, that is provided in the clipper’s kit, clean out any hair or debris that possibly might be on the cutting blades.

Step 2

The next thing you need to do is add some clipper oil drops on to the clipper teeth and switch it on momentarily. This will allow the oil to be distributed evenly on to the chipper blades. Oiling the clipper’s blades will allow the device to run smoothly, and cut more firmly and evenly. Furthermore, it will decrease the amount of damage that can possible to done to the blades while cutting. Each set of hair clippers usually comes with different guard sizes. These guards enable to hair to be cut in different lengths. Before you start, you need to select the guard you wish to use. Ensuring the guard is set in firmly is very essential because if it falls off, it might do your hair more damage than good so be careful using hair clippers.

Step 3

You need to prepare yourself for the hair cut experience by wrapping you with a piece of cloth. Also, you need to place a cloth underneath, on the floor. This will prevent the hair debris from falling over you or on the floor. Another thing you need to consider is, never use hair clippers on wet hair. This can damage your hair as well as the clipper itself. You need to ensure your hair is nicely dry before you start clipping.

Step 4

You can either ask someone to cut your hair for you or do the job yourself using hair clippers. If someone else does it for you, it will be a lot more easier and faster. Using a comb will do you good. It will help you straighten out the hair and you can also check up on the length of your hair time and again. You should always begin from the back of your head while clipping and slowly move forward. If you use the clippers in the natural direction of your hair, you will end up with an uneven new hairstyle. You need to ensure that the blades are nice and clean so keep checking for any jammed debris, and keep brushing off.

Step 5

You need to be really careful when you trim off the hair around your neck, back and ears. Use the closet settings while you trim those areas. Once you are done with the cutting business, use the shortest guard to trim your hair and give it a fine, even look.


To get the most out of your hair clippers, you need to ensure you are taking proper care of it and using it in a reasonable manner. You are oiling it well enough, cleaning it time and again. And you ensure a safe hair cutting experience, you need to take all precautionary steps to prevent any damage.