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Top Professional Hair Styling Tools

Published at 03/27/2012 17:33:26


Ever wondered what kind of hair styling tools professional hair stylists utilize? Hair is a person’s crowning glory, and it apparently speaks a lot about a person. Your hair style can make or break your image, and can make a lasting impression. It is a known fact that people are sometimes judged by their hair. What impression does a girl with bright pink-colored hair give you? What would you think of a sloppy haircut? Truly, your hair style creates an initial impression on others, so better start brushing your lovely locks. Better yet, get yourself a professional hair revamp and have it cut like you’ve never had it cut before.


Seeking the aid of a professional hair stylist will no doubt help you achieve the look that you want. What’s more, professionals know how to balance hair style with other factors such as the client’s lifestyle, facial features, and even personality. Most importantly, professionals are equipped with top-caliber hair styling tools. Here are some of them.


Kamisori Damascus Emerald Shears: Haircuts not only depend on a hairstylist’s skills but also on the pair of shears used to chop off one’s locks. One of the best brands of cutting shears used by top hair professional stylists is the Kamisori Damascus Emerald Shears. Manufactured in Japan, the said shears have gained recognition due to the intricate manufacturing process involved in producing it. The shears contain Damascus alloy steel, formed by mixing 16 of the finest steels. These steels are especially layered by Japanese artisans. The Damascus steel dates all the way back the olden days, during the sword-making era. The Samurai sword is made of Damascus steel. Now, Damascus steel is used for Kamisori hair-cutting shears, which delivers amazing hair styling results.

Hot Shot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron: Professional and credible hair stylists are very keen on hair curling irons. Using a curling iron of poor quality is damaging to the hair, which is why professionals only use the best curling irons around, one of which is the Hot Shot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron. This can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit yet has an extra cool tip. This curling iron possesses pulse technology, allowing it to stay hot with its pulse auto heat control feature. It also offers snag-free styling due to the iron’s smooth surface. No professional hairstylist wants hair to get all tangled up because of a rough curling iron. This curling iron is amazingly lightweight because of the titanium element.

SalonTech Silicone Professional Hairstyling Iron: SalonTech Silicone Professional Hairstyling Iron is not only used by top professionals, it is also part of award-winning lists for top-caliber beauty products, such as Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty awards. This flat iron makes it possible for even the curliest of curls to be straightened and smoothed out in an instant. In just 20 seconds, it can reach a temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. With just one single pull, any hair texture can easily transform from frizzy to super-straight. It also has an automatic shut off feature; it shuts off by itself if not used for 30 minutes.

Tips and comments

Top professional hair stylists only use the best tools for their client's hairs. Tools for the hair that professional hair stylists utilize make it easy for anyone to transform any hair type, texture, and style into something different.