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What To Do About An Ingrown Hair

Published at 03/13/2012 18:44:25


Generally ingrown hair occurs in the form of curling back of hair or it can refer to the sideways growth of the hair. Doctors refer to it as a benign state with a small tan appearing or a bum might occur. A bump forms, which also has portion of the hair with it. The general location where this phenomenon can occur includes places that are often shaved. These include armpits, face, legs and the pubic region as well. Geographically speaking, thus type of phenomenon seems to happen more in African American population. Doctors have declared ingrown hairs to be harmless but they can be displeasing to the eye.


Some doctors reported the formation of pink bumps in individuals which seemed as mild skin infection. On closer examination, it was revealed that the hair follicle had reversed it growth. This was the first appearance of ingrown hair. Since then many of similar cases have been reported with varying degrees of disfigurement. In extreme cases of ingrown hair, doctors have reported skin infection and scarring of skin. The main cause of this phenomenon has been associated with improper shaving and other hair removal procedures like waxing. Some natural cases have been reported as well where the skin debris would hinder with the follicle’s opening, causing the hair to grow stray.


What To Do About An Ingrown Hair

There are many remedies of clinical and home made nature for ingrown hair. Using these people can decrease the occurrence of this phenomenon. Dermatologists have stressed that it is important to soften the skin with the help of water or moist cloth before shaving. This habit lessens the production of sharper heads and leads to a rounded tip formation. Solutions containing salt and sugar have been as defoliators as well. The clean the follicle and also lessen the irritation. It is also recommended that the shaving procedure be done with the plane of the grain and not against it. In order to remove ingrown hair, one can use a sterile needle and remove with the help of tweezers. However, such procedures should be done with care since they might lead to inflammation of the skin. Modern day technology has resulted in the arrival of creams and chemical depilatories that speed up the process of ingrown hair removal. If the skin is infected due to ingrown hair, doctors often suggest a topical antibiotic. Last but not the least, laser hair removal also works in this case as well. Although, the problem here is that of cost, since all people cannot afford it.

Tips and comments

The occurrence of ingrown hair can be easily avoided if one is careful while shaving. Although it has been stressed above as well, it is imperative that one avoids shaving close to the skin. The less the contact, lesser sharper the heads would be. Same applies for the usage of electrical razors as well. One should be careful and not press the razor/machine hard against the skin. Men can leave small stubble that allows the hair to grown naturally and the phenomenon of ingrown hairs doesn’t happen.