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How To Get Certified As a Hair Stylist

Published at 03/16/2012 05:19:49


It is said that the hair is a woman’s crown of beauty, and therefore the hair stylist is the one who is responsible for maintaining this crown in order to ensure that it sparkles and brings out the princess within. This is not a small responsibility, and it is for this reason, that an individual has to be certified before they can be recognized as a hair stylist.

Step 1

There are several requirements that the individual must meet before they are certified as a hair stylist, and given the authority to deal with a woman's hair. For starters, the individual must be above the age of seventeen or eighteen, depending on the country or state that the individual will get their certification as a hair stylist from.

Step 2

The individual must have at least completed high school before they are able to enroll in an institution that will show them the basics of styling. You can then study any of the various units in the hair styling course such as cosmetology and hair design. You need to enroll in a class in which you will be taught salon management, as well as other courses such as hygiene and sanitation. You also need to learn about the use of salon equipment and how to highlight.

Step 3

For the student to be certified as a hair stylist, it is mandatory for them to pass these courses in a recognized institution, after which they will sit for an examination that is prepared and administerd by the cosmetology board of the particular country or state. 

Step 4

The exam is usually both practical and written, and it tests the individual’s basic knowledge of cosmetology.

Step 5

Apart from education, the individual must possess talent in hair styling as well as good communication skills. An individual who may want to continue in this line of business can go ahead and pursue a degree course in cosmetology from a reputable university. In doing so they will have the necessary skills that will enable them to compete in the market as a hair stylist.


The license of a hair stylist may be revoked if they are not professional in their work, or if it is proven that they did not get their certificate through the correct means. However, if everything works as it should and the individual is able to be certified as a hair stylist, there will be no obstacles in their way, and with hard work as their vehicle, they will be able to reach success as a hair stylists.

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A hair stylist is a very lucrative venture, as all individuals would like their hair to look good. It combines talent, skill, experience and education, and the individual who possess all this is guaranteed to go far in the business. Individuals who are hoping to posess these one day can simply get the education required and meet all the other requirements that have been set up, and they will be certified and thus allowed to practice as hair stylists in their state. As a hair stylist, the individual will have with them the power to restore beauty and confidence to many women.