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How To Have Good Hair


In order to have good hair, you need to do a few fundamental things to keep it healthy. Hair care is more than just washing it and styling it every day. There are certain ingredients to look for as well as look out for in your hair products. There are even certain brushes to use depending on your hair type. Below, you will find some important suggestions that you can try to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Step 1

The first essential component to good hair is proper nutrition. Your hair is made out of keratin which is a protein. To get the amount of keratin you need, you should consume a minimum of 50 grams daily. Read the labels on your food and supplements for this protein. In addition, Vitamins are essential and help to support certain functions of your body, however, for healthy hair, the B vitamins are necessary. In fact, if you have a deficiency in the B vitamin, specifically B6, B12 and folic acid, the health of your hair will decrease dramatically.

Step 2

The second component of good hair is the use of a good shampoo. Obviously, we all have to wash our hair to keep it clean and healthy. Too much washing, however, can lead to hair shaft breakage. By using shampoos with added extract, you will notice a big difference. Extracts come from natural sources that act as active ingredients. Although they usually come a bit more expensive than other ingredients, you can expect good results with shampoo that uses them.

Step 3

Third is the use of natural hair care products for good hair that is healthy and strong. You will find a great deal of hair care products that are filled with synthetic materials, chemicals and other substances that are not made naturally. Natural hair products are made up of plant driven components. Amla (Indian Gooseberry, Natural Henna, olive oil, reetha (soap nut or soapberry), eggs, multani mitti (Fuller's Earth), avocado and honey are just some ingredients found in natural hair products. These natural products smell great too because they also include fruit and flower components.

Step 4

Having a decent comb or brush is fourth on the list and just as important for good hair. You use combs to detangle your hair, part your hair, straighten your hair when it is damp, and style short hair with pomade or gel. There are many different kinds, such as, fine-toothed, picks, wood, wide-toothed, plastic, and the standard comb. You will find many types of brushes as well. For example, there are bristle, paddle, and round bristle brushes. These are used to smooth hair while styling, massaging the scalp, to detangle hair, and to add volume. They are fairly simple to clean and will last years.

Step 5

Last, for good hair you need to keep it trimmed. If you are doing this yourself, it is important to have the right pair of cutting scissors. You will notice that all professional stylists have several pairs of quality scissors. It is not hard to find a good pair of cutting scissors, just do a quick search online for various selections. You will find a galore of different websites that offer hair styling tools, including cutting scissors. Therefore, you can select a pair that is right for your hair length and texture.

Healthy hair is easy to maintain

Keeping good hair healthy and shiny does not have to be expensive or difficult.  By using natural products and shampoos, keeping your hair trimmed with the best pair of scissors and using the right tools like a decent comb or brush, your locks should look fabulous.

By Wendy Rahilly, published at 03/26/2012
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