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Whether you have a beautiful curled type of hair or a straight one, short, medium or long length hair, the days when it is picky and difficult to dress does not spare any of these types and lengths. Styling hair when it has its own personality may be challenging, but not impossible, so if you want to make it obey your hands and products, listen to the following tips to trick your hair.

Step 1

If you want to straighten your hair, wash it before because in this way there won’t be any styling products and dirt from the previous day to oppose the way you arrange it. The wavy or messy hair is easier to style when it is already loaded with Hairspray or other sorts of products because the hairs will tie better and will have the necessary texture to sustain a heavy or complicated hairdo.
The way you use your hair dryer might turn against you if you have a messy way of drying it. So, another good tip for styling hair is to always move the hair dryer from the root to the tips. This will make it look smoother, neat and will be easier to style. Also, don’t forget to keep the blow dryer at 5 centimeters distance from the head because otherwise the hair will become harsh and hard to bind together in a styling hair.

Step 2

The brush or the comb used will make your hair either your enemy or your friend, depending on what you expect to achieve and what tool you choose. So, if you want to detangle the hairs always use a comb with wide tines and if you want to straighten and obtain a neat hair, use a comb with small teeth. Brushes are for styling hair, not for the disentanglement, and are mostly used with blow driers. So, use a round brush if you want a curled texture and one with tines on a flat board for straight hairdos.

Step 3

Since there are many types of products for styling hair, it might happen to make wrong choices if you don’t know what they are used for. So, make sure you know how hair sprays, mousses, gels or pomades work before applying something to sustain your hairdo. For example, mousses are for those who want to achieve a natural look because it sticks to the hairs without looking shiny or oily. It can be applied on both dry and wet hair and it can be used as a base for fixing any type of hairstyle. The gel has a sticky consistence and it is used to define curly strands. Pomades are preferred for short hairstyles and care must be taken not to put too much because otherwise the hair will look oily. Finally, hairsprays are used to finish a hairdo and are applied to sustain the other products.


All this said, all types of hair have different problemsand stitches, but with the right knowledge and tips about products, tools, types of hairs and ways of styling hair, you can transform it into your best friend.

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