How To Get Scene Hair Styles
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How To Get Scene Hair Styles

Published at 03/13/2012 19:08:49

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How To Get Scene Hair Styles

Scene hair or Emo hair as it is also known is becoming very popular in the latest hair trends. Scene hairstyles are hotter than ever among young people! Scene hair is used among the Emo styles, but it is not dark like traditional Emo hairstyles. Scene hair is fun and vibrant and speaks to the wild in all of us. Scene hair is not too difficult to acquire if you have the materials and can put your inhibitions aside. Don't be afraid to embrace the wild child in you, and your hair will soon be all sheen and fabulous.

Step 1

The first step to getting the modern look is to have choppy layers. If you go to a salon, they are not going to give you the look you truly want. The best way to get choppy layers is to actually do them yourself. Take some scissors and just start chopping your hair here and there. This may seem scary at first, so take your time and take a little off at a time. You can always take more off, but you can't add it back once you have made a cut. Stand in front of the mirror and make sure that each cut that you make looks best in your style. Once you get the layers cut in, you are ready to begin the rest of your style.

Step 2

The fun starts with dye! Dye can give you limitless options and fun. Don't be afraid to experiment! You can have so much fun if you mix and match colors. Some people like to do a full head of color and some like to dip their ends. Pink and blue are very popular in the scene world. These two colors work best if your hair is bleached first or if you are a pale blond. If you are not blessed enough to be a blond, you can bleach your hair. Bleach and dye kits allow you to first bleach the hair and then add the color. Your cut will come alive once that vibrant color is added!

Step 3

As you begin to grow your hair, you will begin to develop some fringe. Fringe is what makes the scene hair look unique and edgy. As your bangs and sides begin to get fringe, it will take some time to get it the way you really want it. Until it gets to that point, you can pin your bangs back away from your face so that it is not aggravating and in your face. Small clips with bows make the hairstyle look even better and gives a feminine edge to your style while still letting the scene style shine through. Once you get the fringe grown to the point you want it, you will need to occasionally trim your fringe to be sure that it stays as you want it.

Step 4

If your hair is not as long as you would like, you can get hair extensions. Hair extensions can be a great way to change up your scene hair with little effort. It is best not to go with a permanent extension as these can't be changed out as easily. If you get the clip-on hair extensions, these can be put in easily. These extensions come in different colors and so they can be switched out to change your look. You can even add different colors to have a great look that will bring your scene style out. As long as you take care of your hair extensions, they will last for a long time.

Step 5

One of the best tools to use for scene hair is gloss serum. Gloss serum can make your hair both shiny and easy to style. Rub the serum into your hair and bring it into spikes and a mess. Ruffle up the back with serum and even a touch of gel to make your style stand out! This can be a great look to bring out the wildness in your style. Don't be afraid to get crazy, because this is what scene hair is all about! Have fun and don't limit yourself! You can have fun with this hairstyle and not be afraid!


How To Get Scene Hair Styles

Get choppy layers!

Have fun with multiple colors!

Use styling products to bring your style out!

Don't limit your look!

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