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The Advantages Of Hair Removal For Beauty

Published at 03/21/2012 21:34:40


The decision to remove hair for women is often based on their culture. Some women don't mind having visible hair on their bodies and others recoil in horror at the mere thought. Most women today consider removing their body hair as an essential part of their beauty routine. Because of this, they don't question whether they should remove their body hair, they only question how their body hair will be removed. When considering hair removal beauty options there are many choices for both permanent and temporary hair removal.


Traditional hair removal beauty options, before today's more advanced laser techniques, included many of the same options we use today. Waxing using a sugar mixture is a very old method of hair removal and threading is another old method. Each of these have come in and gone out of style throughout the years. Shaving is another method that has been around for years. Today we use manual and electric shavers, but in the past specially sharpened stones were used to remove body hair. Some women choose to use a combination of these methods for various parts of their bodies.


Sugaring has regained popularity in the last few years for hair removal beauty. Sugaring consists of heating up a sugar mixture, applying it to the skin and then using a clean strip of cloth to remove hair by pulling it away from the direction of the hair growth. For easier hair removal, apply powder or cornstarch to the skin before applying a thin layer of the sugar mix to the skin. Many women who have trouble using wax-based hair removal options are turning to sugaring because it is more forgiving than waxes because waxes get hard and can be too difficult to remove for women who try to wax at home. The sugar mix is created by mixing sugar, water and lemon juice and heating it in a pan until it turns into a thick brown honey-like liquid. Lemon juice can be added to honey for convenience.

Tweezing is also an old hair removal beauty option, but it is best for smaller areas like eyebrows and other areas of the face. It is also used to remove stray hairs left behind by other hair removal options. Another old-fashioned option for smaller areas is threading. This method uses threads to remove hair and is good for people who have sensitive skin because in the hands of a skilled threader, this method is almost painless.

Using a lemon juice mixture or a pumice stone are two other at-home methods of hair removal.  Lemon juice mixed with tea or honey can be used to lighten the hair on your body and a pumice stone can be used to remove hair on every part of your body, except your face. Each of these methods require care to make sure your skin is not unduly damaged during the hair removal process.

The latest hair removal beauty technique is the use of lasers. Although this process should eventually result in permanent hair removal, be prepared for a long process and repeat visits before all the hair is permanently removed.



Tips and comments

  • Consider hair removal beauty options if you have problems with body odor. By removing as much body hair as possible, odor causing bacteria have fewer places to collect.
  • Experiment with the various options on different parts of your body to see which works best in each area.
  • If you are not sure you can safely remove your body hair yourself, do no hesitate to it done professionally.