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How To Flat Iron Your Hair

Published at 03/27/2012 02:54:14


Many women want their hair to look smooth, flat and shiny. The best way to achieve this flat iron hair look is to use an actual flat iron. This is a tool similar to a curling iron. It has a special plate that will flatten your hair to look smooth.

Step 1

Before you can begin learning how to flat iron hair with a flat iron, you need to decide which one is the best for your hair and your budget. These irons can cost from twenty dollars up to a couple hundred dollars. Most hair stylists will agree that the best one’s have ceramic plates because they are less damaging to the hair shaft. If you have long hair or thick hair, you should consider purchasing one that has wider plates such as one that is between 1.5 inches to 3 inches in width. You should also purchase one that can heat up to 200 degrees. If you have normal hair that is medium to short, you can get a thin iron. You can also purchase one that doesn’t heat up as high. If you have thin hair, you should look for an iron to flat iron hair with that is 1 inch to 1.5 inches in width. You should also find one that has an adjustable temperature setting. Try to adjust it as low as you can to protect your thin hair.

Step 2

You should always make sure that your hair is freshly washed and dried before you try to flat iron hair. You never want your hair to be wet. Wet hair will fry on a hot iron. This will cause severe damage to the hair. It can even cause it to break.

Step 3

Apply a protective spray or serum onto your hair, before you begin to flat iron hair. This spray or serum can be purchased at your local beauty salon, department stores or some drug stores. There are a number of different brands you can choose. Pick your favorite that states that it can help protect hair from damage from repeated use of appliances such as flat irons.

Step 4

The best method to flat iron hair is to do one section at a time. You may want to section the hair off to make this easier, especially if you have thick or long hair. To do this, clip your hair up by using multiple hair clips. Slowly, let down one piece of hair at a time and begin to flat iron that particular area of the hair. Then take down another piece of hair and continue the process until you have finished with all of your hair.

Step 5

Once you have taken down that first clip of hair, you can begin the actual flat iron hair process. Simply clamp a small section of the hair, no more than two inches, under the plates of the flat iron. You will want to begin at the roots. Slowly, slide the iron down towards the end of your hair, in one fluid motion. As you slide the iron down the hair, the hair will become smoother and shiner. You can repeat the action on any section that isn’t straight, smooth or shiny enough to suit your taste.


One can follow a comb through their hair right after one has flat iron hair or iron a section of hair to help the hair flow correctly. Once you get to the back of your head, where you can’t see as well, pull the hair out straight towards you as you are straightening it and continue ironing it in this motion. This will allow you to see what you are doing.

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