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How To Put Hair Extensions in


Putting hair extensions in can be a real pain in the rear if you're not experienced and have no idea what you're doing. They really should be put in by a professional but if you're low on time and on funds, you may want to do do it yourself. In order to put hair extensions in, you'll need to follow a few simple steps and rules.

Step 1

Pick The Right Extensions: In order to put hair extensions in, first and foremost, you'll need to pick the right extensions for your hair. When shopping for hair extensions, make sure the color of the hair extensions is identical or similar to your natural hair color. You'll also want to make sure the length is appropriate as well as the texture.

Step 2

Prepare Your Hair: When putting hair extensions in, it is very important to fully prepare your hair. This means, your hair will need to be clean, fully dry and combed thoroughly. It is not suggested that you put hair extensions in hair that is damp or not groomed.

Step 3

Attach: The third step to putting hair extensions in is to have the hair extensions in your hand. From there, hold the clip to the hair extensions and part your real hair into a couple different sections. You then can begin putting your hair extensions in by finding the root of your hair, and attaching the clip close to your scalp. Make sure to attach the clip tightly and securely to ensure that the hair extension does not fall out. This step may take some trial and error, but eventually you'll get it just right.

Step 4

Repeat: The fourth step to putting hair extensions in is to repeat the process in step 3 until you've fully applied all the hair extensions on your head. You will want the hair extensions to fully cover your head and not be lop sided or loose. If not put in correctly, your hair could look messy and silly.

Step 5

Test: The fifth step to putting hair extensions in is to test the strength of the hair extensions by combing through or brushing your hair, with the hair extensions in. This step also helps blend in the extensions with your real hair.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are many different types of hair extensions available to you. However, the most popular is the clip in hair extensions. As well as clip in hair extensions, you could do fusion hair extensions, weaving, bonding, tape in's and mini links. It's best to speak to a professional or a hair stylist to determine which type of hair extension is best suited for your type of hair.


Putting hair extensions in can be a timely task. After you've done it yourself a couple times, it should become easy and like second nature. However, the first time may be a little frustrating and annoying. Clip in hair extensions are the very best option for those with fine and already straight hair, as they do not require glues and other things that could damage your hair and scalp.

By Nicole Marie, published at 03/16/2012
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