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How To Flat Iron Hair

Published at 03/16/2012 16:44:41


We do so much to ourselves to ensure that we look our best at all times and its not just women, men care about what they look like too. Looking good doesn’t just stop at the clothes we choose to wear. We Apply makeup, creams and lotions to make our skin look its best. We apply makeup to our faces to enhance our natural looks or even change them altogether. We adorn ourselves with jewellery and other accessories to balance our outfit. Even our shoes do not escape being a part of our overall look. They say a woman’s crown and glory is her hair and judging by the amount of time many women spend on styling on their hair, I would say this is true. We do so mu our hair to keep it looking good. We cut it, shape it, color it, gel it, spray it, condition it, blow dry it, curl it, perm it and flat iron hair. Flat ironing, in particular looks easy, but does take some time to do and get right especially if you have long, thick or very curly hair. Below are some tips on how to flat iron hair.

Step 1

The first thing you should do before you flat iron hair is wash and condition it and apply a leave-in conditioner that is specifically made to withstand the heat of a hair flat iron. Style as usual with your mousse and gel but do not spray hair yet.

Step 2

It will be easier to flat iron hair if you blow dry it straight first. Brush hair while drying to get rid of snags and tangles that can make flat ironing your hair difficult.

Step 3

Once hair is dry, apply a straightening balm lightly to hair if needed. Grab some small clips and start sectioning out hair to get ready to flat iron hair. Pile the top layer of hair on the top of your head and leave the bottom layer hanging.

Step 4

Flat iron hair starting with the hanging pieces first and than gradually bring down the top ones and straighten them. Do not hold the iron in one place for too long to prevent damage to your hair. If you have bangs, they are best left for last because they are harder to get right.

Step 5

One you have finished flat iron hair, comb through and check to make sure you have the desired look and apply a finishing cream if desired and than spray to hold in place. Now you are ready to do whatever you want to your hair. Tie it up, braid it or cover it with a hat. The style should stay put all night and usually, unless it is extremely humid, the hair should stay straight for the entire day and night.


It’s a good idea to put a small bottle of hair spray or even water to touch up hair throughout the day and while you are out and about.

Sources and Citations

A hair flat iron can be purchased almost anywhere where hair accessories are sold including drug stores, department stores and hair salons. The prices depends of the bran you purchase but a really good one will cost around eighty dollars but there are some that cost a lot less than that.