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The Top 5 Hair Clips

Published at 03/19/2012 01:52:43


A woman’s crown and glory is her hair. Most women, throughout history and into today, have preferred to keep their hair long. Long hair, while beautiful if kept healthy, is very hard to maintain. There are a number of shampoos, conditioners, creams, hairsprays and serums that promise to tame long hair and make it smooth and manageable but the only surefire way to keep hair in places is with the right hair clips. Hair clips come in many sizes, shapes, colors and designs but some are better than others depending on what type of hair you have. There are some made for short hair, long hair, thick hair, fine hair and curly hair so not all hair clips will work the same way on every person. Below is a list of the top 5 hair clips and what type of hair they are best for and what their purpose is in keeping your hair looking good.


The first of the top 5 hair clips I will mention is the banana clip. These hair clips come in many sizes and colors but basically have the same shape. They pull apart to reveal the teeth on both sides of the clip that grasp hair and hold it in place after the clip is put back together. The larger ones are best for long and thick hair, the medium ones are best for medium hair and the shorter ones are best for shorter and thinner hair.

When it comes to hair clips, the bobby pin is probably the most well-known and popular that has been around the longest. The basically come in one size and shape and in a variety of colors that tend to blend with the hair. You can use just one to hold a few strands in place or use a bunch to hold hair up in an updo.

Barrettes are hair clips that are usually secured at the crown or back of the head to hold the hair that usually gathers around the head in back to keep it out of the eyes.

Comb hair clips basically look like a miniature comb and it just slides into the hair to hold it in place. These also come in many shapes and sizes.

Decorative hair clips are commonly used for weddings and other special occasions and are used to hold very intricate updos in place. Some are very fancy and bold while others are a bit more subtle.


Although not really considered hair clips, hair ties, covered elastics and head bands are also great tools to use when trying to keep hair in place. There are also hair pieces and fascinators that can be clipped to the hair to hold it in place or just for decorative purposes.

Tips and comments

We may do many things to keep ourselves looking great such as wear our best clothes, put on makeup and exercise to keep well-toned and in shape but it is our hair that most people notice first! Any kind of hair can be tamed with the right tools.