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The Top 5 Male Hair Styles


Men, just like women, are also particular when it comes to their hair styles. Though some sticks to the classic male hair styles, some prefer experimenting with different male hairstyles and exploring the latest fashion. As the years pass, male hair styles have changed and men adapt to each change. This article will give you an idea how the male hair styles varies and what are the top 5 male hair styles most men prefer to have when having their hair cut.

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This year the top 5 male hair styles are as follows: bed-head, retro, short spike, Mohawk and buzz cut. These hair styles are normally seen on celebrities and are imitated by their fans especially young males. The number one male hair style is the bed-head. This look is also known as the messy look that gives the impression that you just got out of the bed. For those who have slightly long hair, you can create this look by styling gels and playing with each strand of your hair. Those who have this hair style just trimmed the sides to keep it short and clean. The second one is the retro hair style.

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It is the replica of the hair style seen in the late 1050s or the era of rock bands where the hair is puffed up. This requires a lot of styling gel but in the end will reflect a man’s confidence and strong personality. Men with thicker hair can use this hair style. Third is the short spike that reflects an adventurous nature. Each spike style can vary depending on what the person wants to project. Men who prefer this hair style usually keep the spikes at the top. The fourth male hair style is the Mohawk. Men who prefer this hair style needs to grow their hair first and then shave the sides to emphasize the spikes at the center.

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Some only cuts the side shorter than the center while another prefers to shave both sides leaving only the center spiked hair. Lastly, the buzz cut completes the top 5 male hair styles. This is one of the classic hair styles that never go out of fashion. This hairstyle is the shortest and does not need regular maintenance. No need for styling gels and is the best hairstyle during the summer. These are the top 5 male hair styles.


Being in the top 5 male hair styles means that most men prefer to have their hair cut in these styles. But it does not necessarily mean that all these hair styles are applicable to you. You have to consider the shape of your face and your work condition when choosing your hairstyle. A bed-head may not be the proper hair style when working but can be used when you go out during your rest days. These top 5 male hair styles are just a guide on what is the current trend. You can experiment with all of them and choose the best style for you. When choosing a hair style be sure it will reflect your personality and matches your clothes.

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