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How To Treat Damaged Hair And Nails


Unhealthy eating habits, deficiency of vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients as well as medications, hormonal imbalance, various environmental factors including pollution, harsh weather, etc take a toll on our body. Apart from various health conditions and ailments it also leads to unhealthy, lifeless and dull hair and nails. The harsh summer sun affects the skin, hair and nails. The extreme heat, the harmful sun’s rays, the sweat, dirt and grime can cause immense damage to even the healthiest hair.

Step 1

Regular cutting and trimming of the hair, massaging hair with warm oil to increase blood circulation and stimulation of hair follicles, scalp treatment to remove any fungal dieses or dandruff, applying shampoos that will suit one’s hair, eating a healthy diet, applying home remedies like fenugreek paste, egg, aloe vera juice, etc will go a long way in keeping the hair clean and healthy.

Step 2

Care has to begin from within. So a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetable, nuts and other essential nutrients, sufficient quantities of water, exercise, a happy frame of mind and positive thinking will keep the hair and nails healthy and look good. Supplements will help strengthen the nails and biotin is one supplement that is good for nails and hair.

Step 3

A nail infection has to be treated with antibiotic creams and other medicine prescribed by a doctor. Soaking the nails in vegetable oil is a very effective way to get rid of brittle and dry nails. After removing the nail polish the nails must be allowed to breathe and oil or lotion has to be applied on them.

Step 4

Extra and proper care is needed to protect the hair and nails from severe damage, brittleness and breakage. There are numerous home remedies and treatments and procedures that will help control the harmful effects. To enjoy the maximum effects the various treatments have to be done diligently and regularly.

Step 5

The net is the best place to get information about hair fall and the natural remedies that are highly effective for healthy hair and nails. But if you are someone who does not have the time or the patience to prepare the home remedies that are free of chemicals and effective due to lack of time then the hair and nails care products from the leading manufacturers in the beauty industry will be the next best thing. Many of the top brands regularly launch numerous creams, lotions gels, shampoos conditioners, etc to give total effective care for damaged hair and nails. They introduce hundred percent herbal products as well.


But there are numerous such products that it can often be confusing while choosing one. A hair and skin specialist can tell you what is perfect for your hair texture. They will decide on a product depending on hair type and the damages it suffers from.

The online websites are the best place to know about the best moisturizers, creams, gels, lotions, shampoos conditioners, etc available in the market for hair care. The reviews, testimonials, blogs and posts in social networking sites will help know the best hair and nails care products.

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