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Benefits Of Using An Ionic Hair Dryer


Haven’t we sometime wondered why a salon blow dryer makes our hair smooth and shiny while a blow dry at home leaves our hair looking and feeling like straw? The secret may well be in the hair dryer that is being used… Yes, it could be as simple as that! Hair drying sometimes is unavoidable damage that is done to hair due to time & style constraints. For a person who already has dry and frizzy hair, a blast of hot air does not help at all and on the contrary adds to the frizz.


An ionic hair dryer is a blessing for such problems. An Ionic hair dryer, unlike a regular hair dryer, emits millions of charged particles called ions. Every substance, including hair has positively and negatively charged ions. Given to understand that wet hair is “positively” charged and as a regular hair dryer emits positive ions it creates imbalance. Contrary to this, an ionic hair dryer emits negatively charged ions to balance and restructure the hair.

While many argue that in salons, as the hair is treated with heat protectors and anti- frizz lotions before drying, assuming that an ionic hair dryer is responsible for the end result is debatable, it is also a recorded fact that the “Good Housekeeping Institute” researched the ionic hairdryers and agreed that it contributed to extra shine.

Ionic hair dryers reduce drying time by almost half.Some versions of the ionic hair dryers also contain certain amounts of the gem stone tourmaline. Tourmaline products are supposed to generate higher amount of negative ions which even further reduces the drying time.


Ionic hair dryers help water penetrate into the hair, rather than to evaporate away from the hair. While regular hair dryers open the hair follicle which results in frizzy hair, Ionic hair dryers help preserve the natural oils in the scalp and thus help in hydrating, and strengthening the hair follicle. Strong hair reduces breakage, split ends and frizz. Ionic hair dryers also come with a cool shot feature that helps in cooling the hair follicle after it is dry.

Ionic hair dryers largely enhance the health of hair. This also enhances the appearance of the hair to a large deal.
Many hair stylists have a few ionic hairdryers in their kitty while some have completely converted to only ionic versions.

Irrespective of whether they are total or partial converts, they all agree to the benefits. For occasions where heavy styling is required or the style needs to be held for a long time, ionic hair dryers are preferred over regular versions.

Tips and comments

Every woman wants to walk out of home every day looking like they just walked out of a salon.It is good news to know that this need not be a salon dream.Ionic hair dryers are not heavy on the wallet as well, they are reasonable priced and do not need any special requirements. This could actually be almost achieved by just replacing your regular frizz creating machine with an ionic hair dryer.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/18/2012
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Benefits Of Using An Ionic Hair Dryer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.