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How To Clip Hair Extensions in


The hairs are a vital part of human body; in both men and women. This part of body increases beauty, attraction and grace of human personality. In current age, a number of issues exist, which create several problems for men as well as women. Actually problem of hair is more crucial or serious for ladies, as they take much care of their hair. Recently clip hair extensions are quite cheap, normal and more effective measures of making hair soft, shiny and healthier. This modern and stylish way of maintain hair charming is extremely beneficial for females. Basically this process is massive distinct from traditional techniques, but science also prefers this latest mode of hair extensions.

If you are interested in adopting or using clip hair extensions, then you can easily carry out it with some special guidelines. From last 5 years this interesting source of hair extension is serving as well as delivering advantages to the users. In European and Western countries most of the beauty parlors and hair clinics use this splendid method of extending hair.

Step 1

Removal of Knots and Tangles for clip hair extensions:-

It is necessary to remove all knots and tangles before application of clip hair extensions. For prompt and accurate removal of these problems, you should comb your hair with usual comb or hair brush. This process should be proper and you have to continue this phenomenon till all tangles and knots have gone away. It is quite easier way to make your hair smooth and straight. It should also be noted that this procedure would be done just 30 minutes earlier of extension application.

Step 2

Rinse Out Process of clip hair extensions:-

After removal of tangles, now you have to clean extensions with warm water normally. Users must wash hair extensions quite gently. In this way clip hair extensions process will become easier as well as simple. For rinsing hair, you must use your hands and shampoo in such a way that no dust or tangles go longer in your hair.

Step 3

Conditioner Application:-

Now the next step is application of the best conditioner that can completely make and clean up hair. The markets are full with wonderful and useful conditioners. You can someone special for your own use. Before gaining favorable results from clip hair extensions, users use conditioners. It an additional step that keep hair softer and assists in easy combing.

Step 4

Dry Hair after Conditioner:-

Hair must be dried after application of conditioner. In this step you will definitely get softer and more attractive hair. For drying your hair, you can sit in sunshine or some drying machine. It is last thing of clip hair extensions process.

Step 5

Additional Information:-

Some extra steps or precautions are also associated with clip hair extensions. You have no need to carry out this procedure every night. You can repeat it after some specific time period.


Nowadays a majority of women follow up this extension style at home that is costless for them. You can also get complete awareness about this technique by concerning the given information.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/21/2012
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