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The Top 5 Hair Extension Companies


It is human nature to strive towards perfection. Men crave more buff on their bodies as well as volume in their fast receding hair. Women on the other hand constantly fret about leaner, anorexic bodies and recently: hair. Their concern is to have the perfect, long locks that drive men crazy and to have the lusciously swinging hair that makes heads turn at gatherings. However, nature hasn’t blessed all and most women need to rely on artificial means to enhance their hair length and volume. This is why the modern world has experienced a phenomenal boom in the hair extension industry whose job is to add commercial hair to natural hair in such a way that the two don’t seem distinctively different.


Hair extensions are a fairly historical phenomenon and date as back as the Egyptian rule when they were adorned by both genders to enhance their vain image. The Egyptians shaved their heads to avoid lice and head infections and wore wigs on top of their scalps then. The Roman era again saw the usage of false hair to create pompously towering hairstyles with adornments of fruits, flowers and even ornamnets.As is fairly obvious, wearing fake hair to enhance their image was a luxury that only the wealthy could indulge in as only they could afford the pricely hair extension as well as sitting for hours on end to maintain the hairstyle. The less wealthy, though soon followed suit once they saw the glamour of hair extensions. The proof of which can be seen in the regard that during the Victorian era alone 51,816 kgs of fake human hair were sold in France in 1871 and 102,900 kgs in 1873. The black women brought hair extensions into mass usage when they used them to tame the texture of their naturally hard hair. Moreover once hair extension came into the media adorned by sportsmen, rock stars as well as actresses, the phenomenon went worldwide popular.Today getting hair extensions is considered as normal as getting a facial from a parlour.


Due to their popularity, hair extensions have evolved from mere wigs to being embedded in the scalp. The top hair extension companies today provide numerous ways to enhance one’s natural hair. Toni and guy usually ranked at the top, uses only REMY hair, which is regarded as very high quality 100% human hair. This is why their prices are also higher than most other brands owing to the quality they provide. Toni and guy uses the pre-bonded method which lasts for 3 to 4 months but requires a maintenance mid-way. Keratin bonds are used to reduce damage to real hair. Great lengths, another famous hair extension company, also relies on Keratin bonds to add Indian temple hair which is of the highest quality.AT hairextensions you have the chance to purchase all sorts of extensions, even by online ordering, including human hair extensions, synthetic extensions and feather hair extensions for coloured hair attachments. Similarly at Global Beauty Trading in North America, one gets to purchase extensions from youthful hair that last longer. Their hair strands are uni directional so no tangling is experienced too. His and Her, provides an exceptional array of weaves which are tiny hidden braids that hold hair extensions against the scalp. Their hair extensions range from Indian curls to the refined French silky straight.

Tips and comments

As enticing as the possibility of glamourized hair extensions sounds, it must be kept in mind that since most types of synthetic hair cannot withstand hot temperatures, straightening and curling the hair will not be an option as it will singe. Extra care must also be taken in the rain so as to avoid damage to the bonds. External elements like oil may also damage the hair extensions and additional maintenance is required especially during sports such as swimming.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/19/2012
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The Top 5 Hair Extension Companies. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.