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People have always assumed for long that men fret over the same things as women such as weight but recent studies have indicated that men tend to be dissatisfied with their overall body image rather than a few specificities. Recent studies have also shown that there is an ever increasing disassociation of the traditional notion of virility from body hair. One has always related this problem to women but now even men are more aware of their looks and hence this problem is seen to become popular by the day


While ancient Egyptian and Greek men marked beard growth as a sign of virility, today’s men are increasingly inclined towards hair removal without any such conception in their mind. Historically it was okay for bodybuilders, cyclists, swimmers, or male exotic dancers to get their hair removed. Today, however, the amount and distribution of facial and body hair matter a lot to men. So clearly it’s just not a few narcissist men who are dissatisfied with the hair on their bodies, rather it’s a majority.
Ranging from waxing, shaving, tweezing, trimming to electrolysis and laser hair removal: men from every age, sexual orientation, ethnic and professional background employ a variety of hair removal techniques to appear less hairy than they originally are. Be it their chest, arms, legs, back, pubic hair or their unibrow, modern times provide easy hair removal for men.


Men might not necessarily want all of their hair removed; mere trimming or thinning is also sufficient. These two options are available only with electrolysis and laser hair removal. However laser hair removal for men works better if they are light skinned with dark hair as then the laser can easily distinguish between the skin and the dark hair, so men with blonde hair and darker skin tones have to resort to other means of hair removal. Given the cost of laser for men hair removal, as well as the pain of it especially for the genital hair removal, men sometimes choose to rely on completely painless methods of men hair removal such as hair removal creams for men.


Given the popular demand for men hair removal products, hair removal creams designed specifically for men are coming onto the market, of nearly the same price as those for women’s hair removal. Studies have claimed this advocacy for smoother bodies for men as a direct result of media advertisement that promotes hairless, smooth skinned men. Furthermore, the increase of male salons in the market contributed to this growing trend for men hair removal too.

Tips and comments

Despite the much accommodated trend for it, many men still find it hard to admit openly that they opted for men hair removal. For this purpose do-it-yourself waxing kits have been made available too. Yet, the concern should be this that men hair removal includes a high level of self-infliction of pain and it could get really messy if not done by a professional for men. For these reasons at-home aestheticians, who can provide the service of men hair removal at home, are the best option as they save the embarrassment of openly showing that men have opted for men hair removal.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/19/2012
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