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5 Pictures Of Short Hair

Published at 03/22/2012 17:19:14


Despite of what one might think, short hair is considered as the most conducive style to the whole world. Stylized, gives a fresh, modern and youthful appearance and is more comfortable then having long length of hair. Short hair is considered to be perfect for all faces and for all ages. Since, there is a saying that pictures say more than words, there are also included several pictures hair which can be one of your look in future.


Short hair for women: Young people usually dare to give bold colors or two colors in their hair. The more daring can opt for rate cuts or punk rock. Some of them dare to shave or also go for garcon type. The pictures hair of this short hair style is as follows:


The asymmetric is a very modern look, but asks a lot of maintenance and styling, especially in the case of straight hair. However, older women are most favored with short pictures hair with highlights or reflections, with volume or with a very sharp bang. It can even be fun if you choose to leave the hair very short and dye it red, blond or leave blank to everything.

Short hair is the most traditional hair style and yet can give a lot of play, either because it allows more volumes, pickled or asymmetries or because it is perfect for testing before taking up extreme short. In this sense, we can combine a certain size and style with bangs or side, with the collar turned up or ends up. Another trend that is very strong is the bob style or what has come to be called the 'Amelie cut'. This is the most recurrent cut for curly hair.

Tips and comments

Short hair for men: In short hair styles the men are usually more classics then women as they tend to choose short styles and definitely find the best styles to hide or enhance the elements of their face. They can also choose from very short hair that are shaved or have ridges. One of the most common choices of hair is quite short with bangs on end and is considered as a classic style or asymmetric. But a latest trend as per pictures hair indicates that short styles will also support long bangs which eventually turn out to be a more popular style. Although in fewer cases, you can see styles designed for medium long hair, straight hair or with hair having low volume the most dynamic selection is to bring in the element of discolored hair or exploited volumes. Long hair can also make a variety of hairstyles and cuts:

  • Maintenance: Cuts of tips, pickled or paraded or reduced, the purpose is not to generate a particular cut, but the unmarked hair looks healthy.
  • Cuts with bangs: Sometimes you just need to add this cut to get a totally different look. The bangs looks best on those who have a square face, or a very strong chin, broad foreheads and large noses in their personality.