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Facial Hair Removal Companies in St. Louis

Published at 03/24/2012 18:52:12


Most women are constantly looking for techniques to remove their facial hair. Shaving and waxing do not work for the sensitive skin of the face and may cause scarring and skin irritation. Other techniques such as electric razors, creams and threading provide only temporary relief. In fact, the hair starts growing again within 24 hours. This makes facial hair removal a constant problem for many women. Many women are, therefore opting for permanent solutions such as laser hair removal to get long-term relief from embarrassing facial hair. These long lasting benefits, however, come at a higher price. Each visit may cost you up to 500 dollars and is not covered by the insurance. Most women notice benefits only after many visits.


Electrolysis is another removal facial hairsystem that works by passing small electric currents through your hair follicle with the help of small needles. Women may notice permanent removal facial hairafter a few weeks. However, this process may cause permanent damage to wome with sensitive skin. If you are a St Louis resident looking for permanent removal facial haircenters in the city, there are several choices for you. You can simply find the list on Google or Yahoo. You can also check comparison and review websites that would list all the removal facial hairbusinesses in your city and compare their prices and customer reviews. You can find the address and other contact information of these clinics on these websites as well.


Before you choose a removal facial hairin St Louis, you should check the license and credentials of the clinicians and support staff at the company. Remember that your facial skin is very sensitive. You would want a person with a person with significant professional experience to handle the removal facial hair. You should also understand that you may require several visits to the clinic before seeing significant benefits. Hence, choose a location that is convenient for you.

Tips and comments

It is also important to check the kind of procedures used at each clinic. Talk to them and weigh the pros and cons before opting for laser or electrolytic removal facial hair. You may also discuss your removal facial hairoptions with a dermatologist before making the final choice. I is also important to consider the price of your removal facial hairtreatment. Most facilities in St Loius do not accept any kind of insurance. Hence, plan your budget accordingly. Look for coupons in the mail or in the local newspaper. Many removal facial hairclinics offer great deals from time to time. Although women with excessive facial hair look for permanent solutions to their problem, it is important to remember that many such solutions are associated with a wide variety of side effects. There are many removal facial hairoptions in St Loius. The providers differ in the type of solutions they provide as well as price and quality. Do your homework before choosing your company. It is also a good idea to talk to friends or to read customer service reviews before taking the final decision.