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How To Wear Hair Bows


Few of the most trendy fashion statements since the last year up till today have hair bows. Making a statement in schools, colleges and the runways, hair bows are adopted by young as well as older high school and college going girls. The fever spread around the place in the blink of an especially after the intricate bows that TV star Blair Waldorf adorns on the famous TV show Gossip Girl. As for you, you can now look just like her after learning about all the important nits and bits as follows.

Step 1

For the very beginning, all you need to do is simply select hair bows of your choice. It may be big or small, casual or fancy, or of type you like. You can find these from easily on your nearest clothing and accessories stores like Forever 21, Walmart, Charlotte Russe and Claire’s, etc.

Step 2

When selecting your hair bows, you must also know that you have wide range to choose from. As bows for hair not only come in bands, but in clips and even pins as well so you have a vast selection of bows to choose from depending on whatever you think will suit on you more.

Step 3

The second step of wearing hair bows is to decide what style of your hair do you want to keep with the bow. In most of the cases, you can make your hair as you do in your normal routine as nothing too extravagant is required and slip the band on your head or clip your hair on either side of your head. For the best of results, consider making a simple straight haired look with your bangs left loosely on your forehead while setting the band on your head.

Step 4

Once you are done with your hair, choose your clothes that go with the hair bows you wish to wear. For a cute and smart look, you can team up the band with a high-waisted skirt with a fine blouse. If you wish to carry a much laid-back style, you can also wear it with a simple pair of denim and a tee shirt of your choice or of a contrasting color of your bow.

Step 5

Once you are done, team up your shoes, bags and other accessories with your look and hair bows and always remember not to over do any of the following. After this step, you are absolutely ready to step down the road with your style sparkling all around the town. So should up your head high and say hello to the new Queen Bee of the real world.


If you are crazy about hair bows and have loads to ideas jammed inside your head, do not wait for other stores to come up with them, but try and make them yourself. Yes, with the easiest of means, a bow can be made easily and if not, you can take online tutorials for that matter and come up with your own collection of hair bows. In addition, always wear your bows on any of the two sides of your head, left or right as that is the ultimate look to carry.

By Amara, published at 03/20/2012
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