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Top Jobs in St. Louis As a Hair Dresser


The fashion industry has been booming in the recent years. All jobs related to fashion and beauty whether they are clothes related or related to other aspects like cosmetics or hair styling are also booming. One of the top jobs of 2012 is hairdressing. The has touted the hairdressing industry as having one of the most significant rates of growth over the next decade. Hair jobs will be seeing a high rate of growth between the years 2010 and 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecasted a 15.7% growth in the number of hair jobs, which means there will be about 98,400 positions open for people interested.


Hairdressing has always been an important part of women’s life. Since the beginning of time women have been getting their hair curled, dyed and made up. In ancient Egypt women wore thick wigs despite the heat in their country. These wigs were elegantly braided and were style with pins and precious jewels. In Greece women used to have their hair curled and swept into a chignon. Often they sprinkled it with gold dust and decorated with gems and flowers. Hair jobs were made important in Rome mainly because they had a made more elaborate styles which needed to be curled with curling irons and supported by wire frames. The trend of hairstyles has changed over and over the years.


The best hair jobs will obviously be offered by the salons which are the biggest and are the most renowned. However you will need a ton of confidence and excellent skills to land a job in these places. There a number of great hair salons in St. Louis. The most renowned are Show Me Stylz Salon and Spa, Salon Dacota, Studio 418, Salon Joli and Spa. These salons offer haircuts, color and styling services, facials, manicures, pedicures and special spa packages. One can get a variety of jobs here; obviously since these are the most voted for hairdressers in the city they will have the top jobs available for people with the top skills. Being the most famous salons in the city they will obviously have good working conditions as well as having good rates of pay and commission for their employees in order to maintain the standard they have set.

Tips and comments

Some of the tips for landing the best hair jobs are, one must learn to tune in with the times, make sure that you received the proper training and then don’t forget to learn on the job. Make sure you know the latest fashions so you can cater to the demands of the customer. People are now more adventurous and open to taking risks with their hair, gone are the days when most people wanted a simple bob or layer. Take extra courses to learn new skills that are popping up in the hair job industry. Make sure you know what the latest fashion trends are, keep a look at what type of cuts the celebrities have and how hair were styled on the fashion week runways. Hair jobs like fashion jobs are dynamic so make sure you can adapt well to changes.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/21/2012
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Top Jobs in St. Louis As a Hair Dresser. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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