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The Best Hair Clips


Hair clips are not only convenient for removing a pesky strand of hair from your face but they also look good. They are a trendy hair accessory for anyone wants to look chic and feminine. Hair clips come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These days elaborate clips with ribbon and flower patterns are also available. They are a trendy hair accessory for girls and young adults alike.


Hair clips have been present for a long time. In the olden times bones and pins made from bones were used. Later metals came into use for making pins and clips. More elaborate clips with bows etc. came into use during the 19th century. During the reign of King Edward the English court was a pioneer of fashion. Hair accessories which were large and colorful were worn by the ladies. Later they were used by mothers to dress up their little girls.


Today there are several sorts of hair clips available. Different types of clips have the best utility for different occasions. The jaw clip is an alternate for a rubber band or a hair tie. It helps you sweep all your hair out of the way. They are great for casual wear and if you want you can get colorful sets of smaller jaw clips which can help create a cool, fun look. Larger jaw clips in modest colors are good for wearing to the office or even a casual dinner with friends or family. Barrettes come in various colors and sometimes even have accessories like bows or flowers on top they are great for sweeping of hair from part of the face. Snap clips are metal clips that come in a huge range of colors. The best thing about them is that they sit flat and secure well. Pins can be used to secure chignons for a more formal look. They come in grey, black or silver colors and are great to fasten your hair if you want something that is strong and discreet at the same time. Banana clips are another great accessory, they are similar to jaw clips can come in a variety of types like rhinestone patterned and tortoise shell ones.

Tips and comments

Tips on best wearing different types of hair clips are, if you want to have pins that give a ‘hidden hold’ feel then get ones which are the closest to your hair color. Secure your hair with some hair spray. While wearing barrettes make sure that the size of the clip suits the weight of your hair. For a funky look choose barrettes that are patterned or are decorated with bows or ribbon flowers. Snap clips are best for sports occasions and the beach. Don’t go for bright colors if you are not comfortable with them. Go for navy blues or blacks. Banana clips are excellent for French twists, the longer and thicker your hair is the stronger clips you will need. Jaw clips can be used for everyday use and home wear. They are excellent to secure your hair under a shower clip or when you wash your face. Hair clips look funky and are handy for securing your hair.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/21/2012
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