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5 Tips For Shaving Hair on Your Legs


Winter season proves to be a season of great bliss for a lot of people. Some love it for its frosty nights. Some crave its arrival for the warm liquids and other edible items whereas for women, it proves to be a season of great relief. You must be thinking how? Well the answer is simple, they do not have to take care of each and every inch of their skin to be spotless and clean as the summer season demands a lot of skin exposure. This skin exposure certainly makes you put away that hair from your body parts. To fulfill their need to get rid of the hair from their legs and arms, many women simply love shaving hair from their body. If you are one of those women who feel comfortable to shave the hair away, then read till the end to know 5 most basic but very helpful tips for that.

Step 1

The very first thing to consider when you are thinking of shaving your hair is to think about the time you are going to do that. The most favorable time for shaving the hair off your legs is when you are in a bath. It is best to save them while you are in the shower because it would make your hair soft. The steam of the shower will also open the pores of the hair cuticle and will be very much softer.

Step 2

The second thing to consider is to decide your position. It is better either to sit on the edge of the shower with a comfortable seat that you could make using a spare towel or to stand up so that the flow of water could reveal the left out hair. Shaving hair in the shower helps subdue the burning sensation caused by the razor.

Step 3

Third tip is to use the warm water for wetting your legs and your razor. Warm water relaxes your hair, making them smooth and much easier to shave. Be very careful not to use very hot water.

Step 4

Now, come with shaving hair. Spread the shaving gel or whatever product you are using from a body wash, conditioner, shampoo or any other gel sort of thing. Make sure that you have richly lathered all the hair and keep lathering till you reach the part where you want to end shaving. Now lather the leg as to level up the gel and foam on the leg.

Step 5

The fifth tip is to shave in a gentle way. Do not be too gentle that none of your hair is getting pulled and also avoid pressing the razor hard on the skin. It will bring cuts in the skin and eventually your leg would start bleeding, so the tip is to press as much as required. Clean the razor for the next use and wash your leg thoroughly. Change the position of your leg for shaving hair from each part cleanly.


Following the five major tips for shaving hair, you will definitely be glad with your legs throughout the summer. Enjoy!

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By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 03/23/2012
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