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How To Use a Hair Trimmer


Electric hair trimmers and hair clippers are very common in beauty salons today and it is much more convenient than using traditional scissors in order to provide a customer a clean hair cut. Even working individuals who finds it hard to find the time to go to the salon also opts to acquire this very handy hair trimmer because of its usefulness and convenience

Buying your own electric hair trimmer will save you time and money and all you have to do is to look for the best hair trimmer that will ensure best performance. It is very easy to use and having it in your beauty regimen will provide you with the latest hair trends without rushing to the nearby salon.

In addition, these hair trimmers are not only intended to cut hair on your head, since there are also hair trimmers intended to trim nose hair, beard hair and even for trimming pubic hair. It is very common especially for women who like to wear swimsuits and always want to look good in pools or in beaches as well.

Learning the proper way to use this electric hair trimmer only requires a short period of time and a little practice at home. Usually, this hair trimmer is very useful to moms who have many kids since their hair grows very quickly and going to salon every time is very expensive and time consuming. Here are some basic steps on how to use hair trimmer to cut kids hair.

Step 1

You have to make sure that your kid is in good mood in order to produce a nice and a clean hair cut. The kid must know that he will be having a haircut and let him hold the clippers so that he may be familiarized with the noise later on. Afterwards, let him sit in a comfortable chair and don’t forget to cover his shoulder with a clean towel to avoid cut hair from sticking into his clothing.

Step 2

Next, you have to wet down your kids hair using a bottle spray filled with water and make sure to comb his hair straight enough to distribute the hair evenly around the head. Comb the hair in the usual position of his hair style so that it will be easy for you to achieve the desired hair cut.

Step 3

Determine the exact length of the haircut and in order to achieve a nicer result, remember that the usual hair clipper used for a boy’s cut is ½ inch or ¾ inch hair clipper attachment. Apply the trimmer straightly to his head and the clippers will surely trim his hair evenly with the same length.

Step 4

After trimming the entire hair, thoroughly comb the hair to find out whether there are hairs left untrimmed especially on the back and behind the ears.

Step 5

When the desired hair cut is already done, let the hair dry and style his hair the normal way you want and check the overall cut if there’s no stray hair left.


Today, the use of hair trimmers is already widespread and many acquire it not only for personal grooming but to save money and time as well. If owning this will provide you an outmost benefit, why not look for your own hair trimmers the one with a good quality that you may use anytime.

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