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The Top 5 Hair Styles From the 80's


The 80's is not only known for it's quirky music but it's also known for it's vibrant fashion trends as well as it's wacky hair from the 80's. Hair from the 80's was usually big, intense and was equipped with a bottle of Aqua Net.

Hair From The 80's

Some popular hair from the 80's, includes:

The Cyndi Lauper Look: The Cyndi Lauper Look is one of the most popular styles of hair from the 80's. Lauper has always been a huge fashion icon but her hair set her apart from all the other popular celebrities from the 80's. Cyndi Lauper hair consisted of half long hair, half short hair. It was a mix of tom boy and sleek and sexy lustrous hair. Coloring the hair in several different colors with the Lauper do' was also a big thing.

The Mohawk: The Mohawk is also one of the most popular styles of hair from the 80's. Thankfully this hair do is no longer in style, but you'll find someone every now and then that still rocks a Mohawk. A Mohawk basically resembles a person who went a little over board with a chain saw on their hair.

Big Perms: A big perm was probably the most popular hair from the 80's. Most of the time, the big perms also included some bangs. Hair from the 80's was usually puffy, teased and huge.

Clip on Bows: One of the biggest fashion accessories for hair from the 80's was over the top and huge clip on hair bows. These bows basically took up an entire persons head and could be paired with a side pony tail or a punk rock hair style.

Super Short Cut: A lot of women preferred the low maintenance of short cut hair from the 80's. Think Annie Lennox and Sinead O Conner, who were both big celebrities in this time period. Unfortunately, the super short cut only looks good on a very limited group of people so this hair style from the 80's can be hard to pull off.

Other Popular Fads in The 80's

Along with hair from the 80's, there were also many other popular fashion statements and fads in this decade. Things like neon tights, leg warmers, plaid skirts, ripped band tee shirts, stone washed jeans, over sized sweat shirts, big shoulder pads, mini skirts, huge earrings, parachute pants and members jackets were very big fashion must have's in the 80's.

Along with hair from the 80's, there were some great music icons and otherwise that really began their careers in this rad decade. Bands and icons like: Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Micheal Jackson, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Guns N Roses, Genesis, R.E.M, The Cure, Queen, The Thompson Twins, Culture Club, Boy George, Flock of Seagulls, Men at Work, Toto, Bob Segar and several others really had made their claim to fame in the 1980's.

Tips and Comments

If you're trying to portray hair from the 80's or even trying to dress for an 80's themed party, you can find a ton of resources online to give you great and unique ideas. The 80's was a time of over indulgence and unique expressionism. You also could try asking those you know who were growing up in the 80's for some cool ideas.

By Nicole Marie, published at 03/22/2012
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