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How To Control Oil in Hair


Coarse hair or fine, curly or straight, it is easy to get frustrated and feel exasperated when you are dealing with oil. Nevertheless a little oil is exactly what you want as it brings shine to your hair and gives it a vibrant, healthy appearance. However, too much of it would weigh down your hair and make them go limp and difficult to style. But do not get mad at those glands as they are only doing their job by preventing your shafts from breaking. They keep your scalp in good condition and give your head a lovely, healthy looking gleam.

Step 1

Unfortunately, it can become somewhat hard at times. Several factors can be responsible for the oil in your hair:

  • Heredity is the most important factor. If one or both of your parents had an oily head you are bound to inherit it.
  • Hormonal fluctuation is another factor. Usually in adult women, it comes with the menstrual cycle or with using birth control pills. With teenagers, it usually occurs as part of the ever embarrassing teenage experience; oily head, zits, etc.
  • Excessive oil on your head is also a result of using androgenic hormones that people consume to increase their body mass.
  • Also if you have fine hair then you are bound to have more oil as compared to people with coarse ones.

Step 2

The food you consume or your diet is not the reason for the oil in your hair. So do not go around blaming it as it does not play a role in the development of oily heads. However, there are ways to manage and take care of them. First of all, you should use a mild shampoo; shampoo for a dry scalp or baby shampoo is always the best.

Step 3

If you have oily hair, the most important step is to wash them regularly. But do not use shampoos on your scalp everyday instead concentrate the shampoo on hairs that are away from the scalp, this will help remove excess oil.

Step 4

Use hot oil treatment on the scalp by gently massaging it. This will help the scalp by preventing it from becoming too dry and hence oily. If your hair is very oily, prevent using conditioner, or only use it on the ends or tip of them. Avoid any products that include chemicals such as gloss gel or shine products as oily heads are likely shiny enough.

Step 5

At all costs, prevent from brushing oily hair frequently. Brushing them repeatedly will in fact cause the scalp to produce more oil. Rubbing or scratching your scalp will eventually stimulate it to produce more oil. Diluted lemon juice can be used to avoid your mane from getting too oily, as can vinegar but diluted lemon juice has a much more pleasant smell. But be sure to avoid using them on your scalp.


Oil in hair is one of the most common problems faced by people nowadays. But with these tips and hints your fear of oil in your hair should be over! Now you can style them however you want not even worrying about your mane getting oily.

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By Sidra Rana, published at 03/27/2012
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